Our History

Our History

Envestnet is one of the largest providers of wealth management solutions to independent financial advisors today. See how we've grown since our beginnings in 1999.


Powering the Future of Advice

Envestnet introduces a customizable smart client portal that can aggregate personal finances with investment accounts, all white-labeled for the advisor. Through our unified technology, end-clients can leverage a set of online tools that give them greater insight and control to chart their expenses and income, monitor cash flow, and determine net worth—all while providing a holistic view of their wealth. Our client portal is designed to make it easy for advisors to connect with clients during different stages of their financial life.

Also this year, Envestnet acquired Wheelhouse Analytics LLC, a technology company that provides data analytics, mobile sales solutions, and online education tools to financial advisors, asset managers, and enterprises. By combining Wheelhouse Analytics' tools with Yodlee’s industry-leading data and analytics solutions, Envestnet strengthens its data-driven insights that enable firms to better manage their businesses and client relationships and deliver better outcomes to their clients.

As of December 31, 2016, the Company has grown to serve more than 2000 enterprises in more than 15 countries, empower over 54,000 advisors, and surpassed $1 trillion in total platform assets.


Crossing the digital divide

Envestnet announces the acquisition of Yodlee, Inc., the leading cloud-based platform for data aggregation, data analytics, and personal financial and wealth management. The acquisition enables investors and the advisors who serve them to access and make better sense out of their disparate and complicated financial picture. Combining Yodlee’s data aggregation and analytics expertise with Envestnet’s end-to-end unified wealth management platform will empower advisors to cross the digital divide and provide broader visibility into their clients’ financial well-being.

Also, this year, Envestnet acquired Finance Logix, a technology company that provides leading-edge financial planning and wealth management software solutions to banks, broker-dealers, and RIA firms, and Upside, a technology company providing digital advice solutions to financial advisors. Both firms enable Envestnet to further deliver technology innovation that will increase the relevance of the financial advisor.


Welcome Placemark

Envestnet announces the acquisition of Placemark Holdings, Inc., a leading developer of Unified Managed Accounts (UMA) programs for banks, full-service broker-dealers, and RIA firms. The acquisition delivers immediate access to Envestnet’s full suite of wealth management services including advisor-driven portfolio management, rebalancing, and aggregated reporting solutions to existing Placemark clients. Conversely, Placemark’s portfolio overlay and tax optimization technologies will complement Envestnet | PMC’s product offerings.

As of October 1, 2014, the firm has grown to serve more than $683B in total platform assets—nearly double the assets since September 30, 2012—and nearly 2.8 million investor accounts. With the addition of Placemark, Envestnet has grown to more than 1,200 employees worldwide.

Additionally, Envestnet is recognized for several industry awards including Outsourcing Solution of the Year by the Family Wealth Report and Advisory Solutions Service Provider of the Year by Money Management Institute.  Visit our Awards page for a full list of firm accolades.                


Enhanced Technology and Innovation

Envestnet introduces the next generation of its platform, ENV 2 that features an enhanced advisor console with access to macro risk analytical tools via a fully mobile end-to-end wealth management platform. In addition, the firm unveils Envestnet Intelligence, a groundbreaking platform enhancement set to provide our advisor-partners with the ability to benchmark their practice. The solution aims to deliver critical market insights, intelligence, and reporting—spanning all of an investor’s accounts—that enable more responsive and customized portfolio design, implementation, and communication.

An innovative new investment offering, Quantitative Portfolios, was also launched by Envestnet | PMC®. This new solution enables advisors to combine the benefits of low cost market access, similar to an exchange-traded fund, with the benefits of separately managed accounts, including active tax management and portfolio customization.

Additionally, Envestnet acquires the Wealth Management Solutions (WMS) division of Prudential Investments, a leading provider of wealth management products and services to banks and bank trust departments.


Welcome Prima and Tamarac

Envestnet announces the acquisition of Prima Capital Holdings, Inc., a provider of investment manager due diligence, research applications, asset allocation modeling, and multi-manager portfolios to the wealth management and retirement industries, as well as the acquisition of Tamarac Inc., a provider of sophisticated portfolio management technology that enables registered investment advisers (RIAs) to efficiently deliver customized individual account management.

As one of the largest prevailing providers of technology-enabled wealth management solutions, the firm has grown to serve more than $316B in total platform assets and more than 1.5 million investor accounts as of June 30, 2012. With the addition of Prima and Tamarac, Envestnet now has more than 650 employees worldwide.

Additionally, in April, CEO Jud Bergman is named one of the "Top 25 Most Influential People in the Investment Advisory Business" by Investment Advisor magazine.

In May, Envestnet revitalizes its national conference—the Envestnet Advisor Summit—to an enthusiastic audience of nearly 600 attendees.


Introducing Vantage™ Reporting Solutions

Envestnet introduces Vantage Reporting Solutions, the firm's premium aggregated performance reporting service, which enables advisors to attain a clear perspective on clients' entire financial landscape. Two key partnerships are established with ByAllAccounts Inc., a leader in data aggregation services, and DST Systems, Inc., a provider of sophisticated information processing and computer software.

Additionally, Envestnet continues to be recognized as a leader in the industry. Lori Hardwick, the firm's Executive Vice President of Advisory Services, is named one of the "Top 50 Women in Wealth" by AdvisorOne, a leading online media destination for independent advisors, wealth managers, and financial planners. And, the firm is highlighted on the cover of Investment Advisor magazine in June as "Agents of Change."

In December, Envestnet acquires FundQuest Inc., BNP Paribas' U.S. provider of fee-based managed services and solutions. The firm grows to more than 928,000 investor accounts with more than $139B in total platform assets.




The Fiduciary Opportunity and Envestnet Goes Public

Envestnet responds to growing concerns about trust in the financial industry and creates thought leadership around advisors' fiduciary responsibility. The firm unveils "Fiduciary Oversight Notes," a platform tool that offers the ability to document decision-making on behalf of clients. Outreach regarding the "Fiduciary Opportunity" garners Envestnet significant attention and a cover story in Financial Planning magazine.

Additionally, the firm introduces a Unified Managed Household (UMH) offering, which empowers advisors to analyze and report on all of a client's assets, including those not managed by the advisor.

On July 29, Envestnet goes public, trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol ENV. The firm grows to more than $139B in total platform assets and more than 910,000 investor accounts. More than 21,500 advisors now work with Envestnet.


Adding Depth to Investing Solutions

Envestnet introduces three new investing solutions: an enhanced version of the UMA that enable a higher degree of customization capabilities; PlanHorizon, a time-segmented distribution retirement program; and data aggregation services that offer technology integration of various assets and enhanced reporting.

Additionally, Envestnet|PMC introduces PMC Tax Management Services, a tax solution that can be used to unlock frozen assets and the Ultra-Short Fixed Income Portfolios, an attractive alternative to prevailing low money market fund yields.

The firm grows to more than 400 employees with more than $89B in total platform assets and more than 685,000 investor accounts. By year-end, more than 900 firms have service contracts with Envestnet.


Introducing the First SRI Platform in the Industry

Envestnet introduces the first Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) platform in the industry—The Sustainability Platform™—which gives financial advisors overlay capabilities to filter out inappropriate stocks from portfolios and choose from a selection of SRI products managed by pioneers in sustainable investing.

Additionally, Envestnet|PMC introduces the PMC Tactical ETF Portfolio Series—new diversified risk-based portfolios with a risk tolerance ranging the efficient frontier, along with a Sector Rotation Portfolio and a Country Rotation Portfolio.

By year-end, more than 760 firms have service contracts with Envestnet.


Introducing PMC Select Portfolios

Envestnet|PMC introduces PMC Funds, which include equity and fixed income funds, all managed by accomplished institutional investment managers. Different combinations of the funds are invested in new asset-allocated wrap portfolios known as the PMC Select Portfolios.

Additionally, Envestnet signs a service agreement with another major independent broker-dealer to deliver service, support, and technology to 1,500 financial advisors nationwide.

The firm grows to more than $82B in total platform assets and more than 598,000 investor accounts. By year-end, more than 550 firms have service contracts with Envestnet.


Innovations in Portfolio Solutions

Envestnet introduces a Unified Managed Account (UMA), one of the first in the industry, and new portfolio solution called Manager Blends to complement the managed account solution. The firm grows to more than 300 employees with more than $53B in total platform assets and more than 400,000 investor accounts. By year-end, more than 420 firms have service contracts with Envestnet.


Delivering Timely Investment Strategies

Envestnet's portfolio consulting group, Envestnet|PMC, introduces new portfolio strategies designed to track the performance of hedge fund indices and to perform independently of stocks and bonds.

The firm grows to more than $26B in total platform assets with more than 239,000 investor accounts. By year-end, more than 290 firms have service contracts with Envestnet.


New Acquisitions and Enhanced Platform Capabilities

Envestnet acquires Oberon Financial Technology and NetAssetManagement, two innovators in financial software solutions. The acquisition adds enhanced platform capabilities and offices in Sunnyvale and Trivandrum.

The firm grows to more than $15B in total platform assets with more than 150,000 investor accounts.


Delivering Support and Technology to Banks

Envestnet signs a service agreement with two nationally recognized banks to deliver investment service, support, and technology.

With more than $5B in total platform assets and more than 21,000 investor accounts, the firm grows to 130 employees.


Expanding Services to RIAs

Envestnet signs a service agreement with a RIA-focused custodian to provide a white-labeled separately managed accounts (SMA) platform with more than 100 SMA investment offerings. The firm also signs a service agreement with a trust services firm to offer their network of RIAs with investment service, support, and technology. By year-end, nearly 80 firms have service contracts with Envestnet.

In addition, Envestnet hosts its first national conference in Denver with nearly 200 attendees.


First Signed Agreements with Major Broker-Dealers

Envestnet signs service agreements with two major securities broker-dealers to provide service, support, and technology to nearly 5,000 financial professionals nationwide.

The firm also acquires Portfolio Management Consultants (PMC), a pioneer in managed accounts. The acquisition adds breadth to the firm's product offerings with the SIGMA Mutual Fund Solution, investment guidance capabilities, and a new office in Denver.

In December, Envestnet is named Forbes Magazine's "Best of the Web."


Entering the Field

Envestnet launches its technology platform for wealth management with two major custodial options, Schwab Institutional and Pershing Advisory Services. Headquartered in Chicago with an office in New York, the firm has 50 employees.


Realizing a Vision

Our founder and CEO, Jud Bergman, an accomplished leader in the asset management industry, recognizes that newly independent advisors would need a software "desktop" that integrates the complex set of services and capabilities required to run a wealth management practice. He assembles a seasoned team of former colleagues and industry peers and together, they begin development of a wealth management platform that will provide advisors with the tools necessary to meet the growing expectations of investors.