Financial Professionals

With Envestnet’s technology in place, you’re free to focus on what’s most important: deepening client relationships, delivering more personalized portfolios, and growing your practice.

Financial Professionals

70% of clients choose advisors based on their level of personalization

By simplifying and streamlining practice management, Envestnet empowers financial professionals to prioritize focus on one thing: the unique financial picture of each of their clients.   Envestnet’s data-driven ecosystem of technology, intelligence, and solutions is designed to grow the relationship-based practices of:  Broker-dealer representatives  Bank wealth management advisors  Dually registered advisors  Advisors to nonprofit organizations (NPOs)  Family offices

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Envestnet financial wellness ecosystem for financial professionals

How Envestnet helps drive the growth of your practice


Greater Personalization

By generating data-driven insights, Envestnet enables you to see the unique financial picture of each client and provide them with tailored advice and personalized portfolios.


Enhanced Client Experience

By creating a 360° view of your clients’ finances, Envestnet uncovers insights, simplifies the big picture, and provides clients with clarity and confidence.


Streamlined Management

Utilize technology to lessen time spent on administrative tasks, from automatic account monitoring and drift alerts to efficient rebalancing tools and archivable action plans and communications.


Holistic Wealth Solutions

Envestnet’s interconnected ecosystem readily surfaces opportunities for more holistic wealth solutions. As you serve your client base more thoroughly, you’ll also drive significant revenue growth.


Increased Scale

By eliminating legacy systems and implementing data-driven personalization, you can easily scale from supporting hundreds to thousands of households – and beyond.

Discover how Envestnet’s technology can bring you closer than ever to your clients

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