Empower Your RIA Practice

The Envestnet Client Portal
The Envestnet client portal is a central hub for clients to see all of their financial accounts, create budgets and financial goals, and track their progress anywhere, anytime—all in one place.

If you are a registered investment advisor (RIA), or thinking about becoming one, Envestnet can help you achieve advisory excellence while managing your growing business. The Envestnet Advisor Portal provides comprehensive, yet flexible, support across every area of your practice. Spanning the core capabilities of advise, invest, manage, and report, our open-architecture technology allows you to integrate all your business functions, or start with a single capability and build advisory and management support as you see fit.

Envestnet | Tamarac™’s Advisor Xi® integrates portfolio and customer management applications into a web-based platform, so rather than managing back-office operations, you can focus on growing your business and delivering the highest levels of advice and service. For your most challenging cases, our Envestnet | PMC® investment advisors are available to provide consulting support and assist you in building superior, customized portfolio solutions.

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