Portfolio Solutions

Broad access to thousands of financial products, including hundreds of SMA managers, which you can easily search, sort, and trade—or outsource investment selection and leverage the advanced portfolio solutions from PMC, Envestnet's portfolio consulting group and our Fund Strategist Network.
Quantitative Portfolios
Quantitative Portfolios (QPs) combine the benefits of passive investing with the portfolio customization of managed accounts. Clients get low cost access to important market segments coupled with opportunities for personalization and tax management.

Comprehensive Solutions for Complex Proposals

Leverage the expertise of our portfolio consultants, Envestnet | PMC® , recommendations from more than 130 leading strategists, or create and manage portfolios that best express your own investment philosophy.  Access more than 17,000 investment vehicles that you can easily search, research, and trade on your clients' behalf. Build portfolios with innovative vehicles such as our Unified Managed Account or time-segmented distribution programs to manage wealth efficiently and effectively.

Advisor as Portfolio Manager

Create and manage portfolios that best express your own vision of asset management, or combine portfolios recommended by our wide-ranging network of strategists. Envestnet gives you access to more than 17,000 investment vehicles, including liquid alternatives.

Fund Strategist Network

More than 130 leading strategists have made their portfolios available through Envestnet. Now you can have access to all of them.

Envestnet | PMC®

PMC creates asset-allocated fund strategies based on its objective, ongoing manager research and due diligence. In addition, PMC uses objective, quantitative research, plus fundamental research and analysis, to compile our list of approved investment strategies, relied on by many advisors and institutions.

Envestnet Unified Managed Account

This innovative investment vehicle empowers you to mix strategies, investment types, and portfolios in a single account. That means more tax efficiency, less paperwork, and lower costs overall.