Empower Your RIA Practice

Preparing for the DOL Fiduciary Rule
The new DOL ruling affects all in the financial services industry — from broker-dealers to RIAs to asset managers. Learn how to navigate the changing regulatory landscape and take steps to adapt and prepare for the fiduciary rule.

If you are a registered investment advisor (RIA), or thinking about becoming one, Envestnet can help you achieve advisory excellence while managing your growing business. The Envestnet Advisor Suite™ provides comprehensive, yet flexible, support across every area of your practice. Spanning the core capabilities of advise, invest, manage, and report, our open-architecture technology allows you to integrate all your business functions, or start with a single capability and build advisory and management support as you see fit.

Envestnet | Tamarac™’s Advisor Xi® integrates portfolio and customer management applications into a web-based platform, so rather than managing back-office operations, you can focus on growing your business and delivering the highest levels of advice and service. For your most challenging cases, our Envestnet | PMC® investment advisors are available to provide consulting support and assist you in building superior, customized portfolio solutions.

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