Envestnet Vantage® Reporting Solutions

Your clients seek strategic advice and solutions for their overall financial goals. With Envestnet Vantage®, you can view a comprehensive picture of each client’s wealth position so that you can evaluate their situation and craft a long-term plan.

Become the trusted advisor to your clients by providing comprehensive financial information on all their assets—both the ones you manage and those held away. With Envestnet's Vantage Reporting Solution, you can outsource the daily collection, reconciliation, and management of data and have more time to spend with your clients.

Harness the Power of Integrated Technology

  • Comprehensive Views of Client Wealth - Access to more than 5000 sources (and growing) of financial data—all updated and reconciled daily—can make you the single source of accurate information for your clients.
  • Accurate, Reconciled Data - Vantage collects, reconciles, and delivers accurate account data so that you can manage your practice more effectively and interact proactively with clients.
  • Customized Reporting - Our reporting capabilities allow you to create customized performance, enterprise, and practice dashboard reports for your clients and your practice.
  • Full Integration - Our single platform allows full integration of your wealth management, planning, reporting, and billing activities.