Envestnet ONE, Unified Managed Account (UMA)

Envestnet ONE offers a diversified, tax-aware, multi-asset portfolio in a single account whose contents are designed to meet your clients' specific investment needs.

Envestnet ONE is a UMA that provides enhanced control, convenience, and performance—allowing you to build customized portfolio models and choose from more than 4,000 investment products to fund each asset class.  You get a robust set of portfolio management capabilities as well as simplified account maintenance that combines separately managed accounts, third-party strategists, ETFs, mutual funds, or a combination in one single convenient account.  This eliminates the need for multiple sets of paperwork with one registration and one 1099 form.  Systematic rebalancing, coordinated tax harvesting, and single-schedule fee billing eases your administrative burdens. Envestnet ONE allows you to build and manage your own portfolio models using asset allocations that you create using any combination of 28 asset classes, leaving the trading and rebalancing tasks to us.

With the Envestnet ONE account, you can:

  • Select a risk profile and method to create the asset allocation
  • Choose from 4,000+ products to fill investment sleeves
  • View a variety of analyses of the customized model
  • View the trade history of the models