Overlay Services

Envestnet overlay services provide investment screens to suit each investor's personal philosophy, needs, and convictions.

Personal Conviction Screens

Access fully diversified portfolios from leading strategists that employ impact investment approaches. Or research and select managed accounts, mutual funds, and ETFs from impact investing specialists that seek both financial return and positive social or environmental impact. In addition, Envestnet | PMC offers the ability to apply 17 personal conviction screens to traditional and impact specialist managed accounts.

To learn more about our Impact Investing Solutions, visit Envestnet | PMC.

Discretionary Tax Management Screens

We offer a pair of discretionary overlay services on the Envestnet platform that enable you to address and minimize the impact of tax implications to your clients' investment portfolios.

Envestnet's Tax Management Service offers a low-cost, automated service that matches investors' capital gains with capital losses.  It delivers year-round tax management to eliminate the need for year-end tax loss harvesting.

Envestnet's Tax Transition Service is a premium, customizable solution to control the realization of large unrealized gains that are embedded in a client's portfolio, or to address other unique circumstances that require an individualized strategy to diversify concentrated portfolios in a tax-efficient manner.