Powering Financial Wellness With Unified Advice

Powering Financial Wellness with Unified Advice
Deeper relationships, better outcomes
Today, helping investors achieve their financial goals requires more than offering investment advice alone. Financial advisors need to be equipped to offer advice on their clients’ entire financial wellness picture—financial planning, investing, managing credit and protection. An advisor's value will be determined by how well they meet these needs and their ability to offer holistic solutions in a single consolidated plan. Providing value to clients goes beyond investment portfolio performance; it’s about showing how financial wellness solutions extend to all aspects of their financial futures so they can:
Control Have control over day to day and year to year finances
Capacity Have the capacity to absorb financial shocks
Meet Goals Stay on track to meet their financial goals
Freedom Have the financial freedom to make the choices that allow them to enjoy life
What does financial wellness mean to you?
How can Envestnet help you deliver financial wellness?
Envestnet's data, technology and services empower financial advisors and enterprises to advise on all financial aspects.

Envestnet focuses on building a seamless-integrated-network of tools that provide advisors with the choice, control, convenience and transparency they need to help deliver a full life cycle of advice to their clients, so that achieving financial wellness can be possible.
We are dedicated to equipping financial advisors with:
Data to support intelligent advice
A fully-integrated-single platform experience with access to a full spectrum of financial planning tools
Comprehensive financial wellness solutions that enable advisors to help clients meet their goals