Developing the Roadmap

Build recommendations on a strong foundation of proven tools and research. Advanced analytics and manager and fund recommendations are based on in-depth PMC research—and integrated with leading financial planning software.
CIO Support and Consulting Services
Envestnet | PMC offers a comprehensive suite of consulting services to help institutions design and implement seemingly complex investment programs and fulfill fiduciary requirements.

Creating Investment Plans That Work

With Envestnet®, you can create personalized, holistic investment recommendations that truly impress clients and prospects. Gather information on all their holdings, including 401(k)s, college accounts, and even trusts, and give clients a plan that shows how well you understand their needs and resources. Underlying your advice will be a foundation of proven tools and premium research, including our current capital markets assumptions and leading asset-allocation engine.

Asset Allocation and Investment Policy Statement

Use our proposal generator to recommend an asset allocation, which you can customize to your clients' needs. When you record client requirements in an investment policy statement, the platform will alert you to review or rebalance.

PMC Consulting

PMC provides in-depth consulting to guide advisors through the various decisions involved in building an optimal portfolio. PMC can also help enterprises design and monitor wealth management programs and ensure fiduciary responsibilities are consistently met.

Logix Financial Planning

Seamlessly create holistic wealth management plans and generate more meaningful engagement with clients. Walk through instant ‘what-if’ scenarios, effectively educating clients about their financial plan.

Proposal Generation and Presentation

Create powerful proposals that give prospects a complete analysis of their wealth. Envestnet’s robust platform provides advisors with a variety of portfolio construction methods. Choose from multiple programs and products. Proposal documents can be labeled with your own branding and include colorful graphics.

Third-Party Financial Planning Applications

You can choose to integrate with a selection of leading financial planning applications and marry financial planning and client management capabilities with Envestnet's open architecture technology for investment research, portfolio construction, practice management, and performance monitoring services.

Portfolio Analytics

Review client accounts in depth to help you understand a client’s total wealth picture. You can look at hypothetical changes, make projections, and analyze performance with a click.