Managing Credit

Managing both sides of the balance sheet
To build and protect net worth, managing what clients owe can be as important as managing what they own. The Credit Exchange equips financial advisors with credit solutions alongside planning, investing, and protection tools.
The Credit Exchange Empowers Advisors
Meet all their clients’ core credit needs – home, personal, investment, and small business financing
Attract client relationships with greater AUM and revenue potential
Protect assets from liquidation and competitors
Gain deep insight into their clients’ total financial assets


The Credit Exchange generates a broad range of pre-qualified credit offers through a select and dedicated network of lenders. These offers are based on data sourced from Envestnet and its clients to help minimize the risk of decline and accelerate the time to funding.

The Envestnet Credit Exchange is powered by ACX technology.

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Envestnet, Inc. has a financial interest and occupies board of director positions in Advisor Credit Exchange (ACX).