American Funds®/PMC Active Core Portfolios

Combining the legacy of investment management at American Funds® with the research, portfolio consulting and management experience of Envestnet | PMC, the Active Core Portfolios are constructed around the philosophy of selecting a core group of active managers to achieve potentially superior long-term results. Whether to manage near-term assets or grow retirement funds, these portfolios may be appropriate for a variety of investor objectives and risk profiles.

American Funds®/PMC Active Income Portfolios

Combining the legacy of investment management at American Funds with the research, portfolio consulting and management experience of Envestnet | PMC, the Active Income Portfolios are constructed around the philosophy of using a core of select active managers to balance market risk and volatility risk, two concerns for income-focused investors. Offering flexibility, efficiency, and the potential to outperform, the portfolios are suitable for a variety of investor objectives and risk profiles.

ActivePassive Portfolios

What is the best approach to asset management: active or passive? We believe that neither strategy is "best"--but an appropriate blend of active and passive strategies can help to deliver the best of both worlds. Envestnet | PMC's ActivePassive Portfolios provide what we believe is an ideal combination of active and passive investment strategies, pairing actively managed mutual funds with low-cost, tax-efficient index funds.

Ascent Portfolios

The Ascent Portfolios provide affluent investors with a sophisticated, powerful portfolio set that mirrors the solutions recommended to major institutions. Introduce investors to the full universe of global investment opportunities, due diligence manager oversight and thoughtful portfolio construction techniques.

PMC Impact Investing Solutions

Today, more clients want to invest their wealth in a way that integrates their values with performance objectives. Advisors have an opportunity to win new business and deepen relationships by helping clients achieve this goal. Impact Investing Solutions provides comprehensive investing strategies that align a client’s portfolio with their personal convictions.

PMC Select Portfolios

Combining PMC Funds with the insight and savvy of proven asset managers, the PMC Select Portfolios are designed to suit a range of risk profiles and investment styles. Backed by Envestnet | PMC and sub-advisors chosen for style adherence and potential to outperform their benchmarks, these portfolios deliver institutional-level service to investors with accounts beginning at $10,000.

Liquid Endowment Portfolios

Investing for the long haul requires a diversified portfolio that can successfully navigate the ups and downs of full market cycles. With the aim to build a more durable portfolio, the PMC Liquid Endowment Portfolios reach beyond asset classes to encompass a mix of investment approaches: strategic, tactical and alternative. The result is a better diversified portfolio and an approach that can respond and adapt to varied market conditions.

Sigma Mutual Fund Solution

SIGMA Portfolios provide a disciplined and diversified approach to investing for the long-term. Choose from among 7 levels of risk to design an appropriate balance of risk vs. potential return. PMC seeks top managers among all asset classes and fashions a strategic mix—with institutional access and pricing for cost-effective portfolio management. Portfolios are regularly monitored and rebalanced, delivering professional management that’s matched to your risk tolerance.

The PMC Strategic ETF Portfolios

Tap into the power of Envestnet | PMC long-term capital market views and achieve diversifi ed beta exposure through a series of seven low-cost ETF portfolios. Featuring thoughtful asset allocation and systematic rebalancing, the PMC Strategic ETF Portfolios are a straightforward and complete solution that can help investors—from conservative to aggressive—minimize volatility, enhance risk-adjusted returns, and endure longer investment horizons.

A Tracking Error Primer

For Advisor Use Only - Understanding the dimensions of risk is critical to both constructing a portfolio and evaluating managers. The goal of this research brief is to provide a deeper understanding of one particular dimension of portfolio risk: tracking error.