Envestnet Analytics

With Envestnet Analytics, you can transform data into actionable insights. Apply advanced analytics tools to a comprehensive set of data to uncover practice and portfolio trends and business advantages. Firms can address key drivers to their business, identify current risks, and find their best growth opportunities. 

Enterprise Portal

Through the Envestnet Enterprise Portal, firms can access robust data intelligence dashboards to help them better navigate and manage their business. With Envestnet Analytics capabilities, they can leverage powerful tools that give them insight into what their advisors are doing--like seeing who their high performers are and what products and programs they're utilizing. They can identify areas where there's need for improvement and professional development. And, they can track asset growth, spot product trends, and see how their firm compares to others in the Envestnet universe. Learn more about our dashboards:

Core Analytics
Fees and Benchmarking


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Advisor Portal

Envestnet Analytics’ Advisor Dashboards bring unparalleled insights to help advisors drive growth, achieve scale, seize opportunities, and conquer challenges.  Advisor Dashboards, available through our omni-channel platform, Envestnet Intelligence, delivers practice insights, peer benchmarks, and actionable intelligence to help advisors make better decisions faster. Leveraging our massive blind pooled data set, the RIA Pulse report provides timely insights into advisors’ investment activities, risk appetite, and other key trends.  

  • + Manage and Grow Business
    Keep informed of key advisor trends and benchmark your key business drivers versus your peers and the best in the industry.  Focus on key client activities, find opportunities in held away assets, and set competitive fees.  
  • + Provide Better Client Outcomes
    Benchmark your performance and compare it to professionals.  Improve after-tax outcomes with Lifeyield Tax Efficient Score Dashboard.  
  • +  Work More Efficiently
    Use our data-driven insights to prioritize your work, save time gathering and analyzing your data, and monitor client goals and achievement in one place.
  • +  Stay in Compliance 
    Monitor investment policy and set optimal fees.  

Fees Overview Performance Benchmarking Accounts Scatter Plot


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Manager Portal

Leveraging Envestnet Analytics capabilities, the Envestnet Manager Portal provides key metrics that can help asset managers drive better decisions on distribution and sales. Serving as a “virtual account manager,” firms can gain deeper insight about their book of business, run day-to-day operations more efficiently, and most importantly, raise assets more quickly. What makes the Envestnet Manager Portal unique is our ability to capture essential information about the clients you serve, prospects, as well as the advisor landscape as a whole.

Building a Thoughtful Distribution Strategy

Our analytic tools can give you an inside look at your market share at firms. 

  • + An enhanced firm profile
    View detailed information by firm including deal terms and key contacts. Leverage CRM capabilities to share notes and upload, store, and share your marketing content with firms on the platform.
  • + Portfolio Mapping
    View fee grids by product across firms and determine your research status and availability to advisors. Map your products to designated style categories by firm and get an overall picture of style allocations.
  • + Impactful analytics
    Access robust reports with complete asset detail—down to sleeve level data—across firms. Determine your share of wallet and client growth rates. Leverage benchmarking tools to assess your distribution success
Product Availability by Style Proposal Metrics Firm Scorecard

Having the right information, accurate data, and the tools to efficiently manage relationships is the key to business planning.


Learn more about our Basic Dashboard, Advanced Dashboard, and Product Availability Application.


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Envestnet Intelligence

Our portals are widely used by analysts at their workstations.  Envestnet Intelligence lets you take the power of our analytics with you wherever you go. With Envestnet Intelligence, you can easily get the answers to key business questions. Simply ask the questions and access the answers through your desktop, via the Envestnet Intelligence mobile app, or on voice-enabled devices like Alexa. Then, seamlessly share the answers with your team to initiate action.


+ Reduce Learning Curve
You don't need to know how to write SQL to get your top business questions answered. Questions can be asked in everyday language, without requiring deep analytics experience.


+ Specialized Industry Questions Organized Based on Your Needs
Gain holistic insights into your business with key business questions compiled from deep industry knowledge, data science, and the most comprehensive financial data, and organized into playlists based on your specific needs.


+ Answers Accessible Across Multiple Devices
Access answers that follow you on your desktop through Envestnet Analytics, via the Envestnet Intelligence mobile app, or on any voice-enabled device.


+ Actionable Output
Seamlessly share answers to your business problems and action items to address them appropriately with colleagues.


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Distribution Analytics

Digital management tools and visualization of data that’s all about telling a story, answering the right questions, and triggering actions that get results. Take advantage of data intelligence--sourced by your firm--to help you make smarter business decisions when setting and executing sales plans. Dispatch and expand your most effective salespeople to help you grow assets under management.


+ The Total Picture
The complete counterparty picture including deals, oversight, analytics, and more.


+ Set Tasks
Set sales and activity goals by territory, key accounts, and management.


+ Teamwork
Allows for teamwork among externals, internals, and management when setting goals.


+ Realistic Insights
Gain realistic insight into sales and activity performance using BPA dashboards.


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