Platform Solutions

Holistic Wealth Planning Solutions

The Envestnet Platform, coupled with Envestnet | Yodlee capabilities provides advisors and their clients full access and complete control of finances from one easy-to-navigate dashboard available across all digital channels (desktop, tablet, and mobile). Not only can advisors ensure they are managing the accounts with which they have discretion, but they can offer a 360-degree view to clients as well. By leveraging the tools to deepen collaboration with clients, advisors can develop appropriate investment strategies, build lasting relationships, and bring more assets under management.

Envestnet Client Portal

Clients today are actively engaged. They want to know more about their investing options and better understand their personal finances. They want control, transparency, and access. The Envestnet Client Portal offers a complementary set of configurable digital tools and services designed to make it easy for you to meet the unique needs of each client and connect with them during different stages of their financial life.

Digital Advice Program Brochure

With the digital advice program, we help advisors and institutions enhance a client’s investing journey, personalizing the approach to advice according to the needs of the client. Our innovative digital storefront is built from a reputable wealth advisory platform that adheres to the highest fiduciary standard of care and complements the way advisors and institutions choose to engage with their clients.

Vantage Reporting Solutions - Aggregated Performance Reporting

In today’s advisory marketplace, successful client relationships are based on personalized planning and insightful advice. Advisors must be able to see and evaluate a complete picture of client assets, including those assets held in accounts the advisor does not manage. Now, you can get a clearer view of client data. Discover the power of expanded flexibility and choice for reporting, aggregation and wealth management.

Envestnet Platform Brochure

The Envestnet Platform delivers powerful openarchitecture solutions for advanced research and analytics, portfolio and practice management, and reporting capabilities. And our portals—Advisor, Client, Enterprise, and Manager—are an integrated network that enhances and expands services, deepens client relationships, and broadens reach into existing and new markets.

PMC Overview and Selection Criteria for Impact Integrated Managers

On the Envestnet platform, the socially responsible investing (SRI) superscript identifies Impact integrated managers. These investment managers integrate one or more of the following lenses into their investment process: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors, Controversial Business Practices, Sustainability Issues, and Impact and Community Investing.