Advisor as Portfolio Manager

Create, maintain, and implement custom portfolio models and streamline your business. With Envestnet's advisor-directed program, you can combine the advantages of outsourcing investment management with the control of self-managing your own portfolios.

Envestnet's advisor-directed program gives you the flexibility to build and manage your own portfolios from the ground up, streamline the maintenance of your models, and ease your administrative burden with comprehensive performance reporting and billing.  You can create portfolios based on a suggested allocation, the efficient frontier, your own custom allocation, or specific model positions. You can also combine portfolio recommendations from our network of industry-leading strategists and customize investment solutions to better meet your clients' unique investment needs.

Our Advisor as Portfolio Manager capabilities allow you to:

  • Modify portfolios within the model
  • Update drift parameters and add alternate positions to create client-level customization
  • Harvest gains and losses with account-level trade management

Coordinated through the integrated Envestnet Advisor Suite, this complex process is made much easier, more efficient and more effective.