Foundation & Endowment
PMC's Foundation & Endowment program empowers advisors to meet the fiduciary needs of institutional investors and their investment committees.
Advisors are supported by PMC in three key aspects as opportunities arise:

Investment Solution Support

The service is meant to be turnkey in nature, giving the advisor a quick turnaround that is consistent and takes a holistic approach in supporting an investment committee. This equates to less time for the advisor in preparing their presentation, while at the same time, increasing the chances of winning these cases.

Fulfill Your Fiduciary Duties
Supporting investment committees with investment policies, decision support, and a governance system for fulfilling fiduciary responsibilities
Investments For Mission Empowerment
Investment management and portfolio construction for mission-empowering portfolios.
Evaluate And Communicate Results
Investment program reporting for decision support, measurement, and empowering investment committees to communicate with constituents.

Policy Formation
Supporting investment committees with investment policies, decision support, and a governance system for fulfilling fiduciary responsibilities
Capital Market Research And Asset Allocation
Benefit from asset allocation, the primary determinant of portfolio risk and return. Leverage Capital Market Assumptions, annually updated expected returns and risk by asset class, as well as Portfolio Optimization, which helps create the best mix of assets to achieve optimal risk and returns.
Program | Performance Reporting
Receive daily-updated reports to provide on-demand program updates and monitoring. Get reporting for investment committees that support fiduciary oversight and productive committee collaboration.
Decision Support
Get investment committee support for decision making and program implementation. Also benefit from guidance and education on responsibilities, best practices, and emerging trends in institutional management and oversight.
Portfolio Construction
Optimize risk-based returns and mission-empowerment by utilizing the PMC Sustainable Cost-Sensitive Strategist UMA as the core investment solution. Benefit from best-of-breed managers in the sustainable investing space to align with the organization’s mission.
Impact Reporting
Go beyond financial performance reporting to include measures of social and environmental impact that focus on translating intent into outcomes.
Governance Systems
Implement a governance system that complies with regulatory requirements (UPMIFA), incorporates best practices, and provides confidence and credibility in the work of investment committees and their boards.
Investment Manager Research, Selection, and Due Diligence
Leverage investment solutions that perform due diligence and ongoing monitoring at the portfolio-holdings level, supported by the PMC Portfolio Management and Research Teams.
Annual Reporting
Deliver an annual report for constituents to highlight investment committee governance and portfolio results for mission-empowerment.

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