We continue to strengthen the spectrum of impact solutions and strategies available through our financial wellness network—and these offerings, combined with our educational materials and data-driven intelligence, can help advisors make the best-informed impact recommendations for their clients.
Impact investors are defined by their desire to:
Invest so that their portfolio is a reflection of the world they want to live in.
Invest while recognizing that the world is changing and there are material sustainability related economic risks that need to be considered.
These two objectives can be achieved independently or together. Envestnet has the tools and insights to deliver on both.
Impact Investing
Impact investing is an investment approach that combines an intent to generate positive impact alongside a financial return. Impact investing is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but a philosophy and a toolkit that empowers advisors to build the most relevant portfolios for their clients. Impact investing is represented by a spectrum of investment approaches, moving from minimizing negative impact to maximizing positive impact.

Envestnet provides impact investing strategies across the entire spectrum of approaches. We aim to provide strategies and tools to enable each advisor to build portfolios specific to his or her individual client’s values and interests.

Minimize Negative Impact
Maximize Positive Impact
Values Alignment
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ESG Integration
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Thematic Impact
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Align your investors’ portfolios with their values by minimizing exposure to individual companies or entire industries whose business practices conflict with the investors’ personal convictions.


Create a more resilient portfolio by reducing exposure to companies or industries with poor environmental, social, and governance characteristics and increasing exposure to companies promoting ESG change or poised to benefit from new ESG opportunities.


Allow investors to use their capital to target specific environment and/or social change through a focused portfolio allocation.



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