Growth and connection for RIAs at Elevate 2024


The growth of registered investment advisory firms is accelerating, but their fragmentation means larger firms have more scale to expand. Financial advisor headcounts at RIAs surged 9%, and the number of retail client-focused firms in the channel jumped 11% in 2022 — compared to their assets declining by 13% (due to market performance) and an annualized headcount increase rate of just 4% over the previous decade, research consultancy Cerulli Associates found in a study1

This year at Elevate 2024, our speakers will be attacking the challenges of RIA growth head-on with a variety of sessions designed to address the channel’s unique needs.

Learn more about RIA growth

We have a number of sessions dedicated to a deeper understanding of how RIAs grow and where to find growth opportunities.

Empowering a Differentiated RIA Business Model
The Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) channel is facing a confluence of competitive threats, including well capitalized new entrants, consolidation, and demands for expanded planning services. In this session, I will cover these trends, how Envestnet is evolving to help advisors thrive in this environment, and provide a guide to the key sessions for RIAs to explore while at the Elevate conference.

Envestnet | Tamarac Deep Dive: Navigating Mergers and Acquisitions
Hear from a panel of professionals as they unravel the intricacies of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). We will dive into the M&A process, providing valuable insights into its workings and share tools to help you succeed. Gain comprehensive knowledge on navigating the dynamic landscape of M&A with confidence and strategic acumen.

The RIA Competitive Landscape: Trends, Outlook, and Insights
This panel discussion will delve into emerging trends in the dynamic RIA space and offer insightful perspectives on what lies ahead. Stay informed and prepared for the evolving challenges and opportunities in this competitive channel.

RIA Growth Lab: Identifying Unrealized Value and Opportunities for Growth
With the wealth management landscape constantly evolving, Envestnet recognizes the need for RIAs to stay competitive and optimize their practices. Join this exclusive session and learn how you can expand the value you provide to clients while also benchmarking and improving your firm's key performance metrics.

The importance of your tech stack

Your tech stack empowers your growth and productivity. In these sessions, we’ll help RIAs to better leverage the tools they have and introduce new tools they might want to take advantage of in the future.

Unlocking Unified Managed Households at Scale 
Today’s top RIAs are looking for a better way to deliver more personalized portfolios built around the best investment ideas that align to their clients’ unique needs. Through the combined capabilities of the Envestnet and Tamarac platform – you can do just that. Our Unified Managed Account solution enables the integration of multiple SMAs, mutual funds, and ETFs into a single brokerage account. This session delves into how UMAs can be used to access overlay services, outsourced trading, and direct indexing capabilities, as well as a demo of how Envestnet Managed Accounts are embedded within Tamarac.

Tamarac Roadmap & The Power of Envestnet’s Ecosystem
Join Dan Miller and Ryan Bamert as they review the latest enhancements to the Envestnet | Tamarac platform and explore what’s coming in 2024, including our Client Portal experience and additional integrated services. Envestnet | Tamarac provides portfolio and client management software that helps to empower your firm to operate with greater efficiency and profitability while delivering a superior level of service to your clients. It is used by more than 2,700 independent RIA firms, collectively managing over $1.9 trillion in assets2

Connecting the ENV Ecosystem for RIAs
In this session, we’ll take a deep dive into Tamarac's enhanced features and seamless connectivity within Envestnet's financial wellness ecosystem. We’ll cover the latest innovative solutions, such as the Unified Managed Account, Third-Party Integrations, External APIs, and more! Join us to stay ahead of the cutting-edge advancements shaping our interconnected wealth management platform. 1,300+ independent RIA firms use the Envestnet-connected ecosystem of technology, intelligence, and solutions to manage $5.8+ trillion in assets3

Connect with us

This year’s Elevate is already shaping up to be jam-packed with amazing content, speakers, and keynotes. By connecting our technology, insights, and solutions, we help RIAs accelerate growth and productivity, freeing you to deepen your relationships and deliver better outcomes for your clients. We’re looking forward to connecting with you in Phoenix!

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