Revenue Manager

Envestnet Revenue Manager offers a holistic revenue management and billing platform designed for the financial services industry and built for scalable performance. It can help improve your billing operation’s ROI while offering AI-powered business intelligence and predictive capabilities.

Revenue Manager

See how Revenue Manager can transform your firm

Learn about Envestnet Revenue Manager’s next-level, real-time analytics, which are designed to increase predictive capabilities, improve cash flow, reduce costs, and enhance client service.

“Our legacy billing process was not well tailored for us. We were looking to gain more control, essentially to find a business partner who could help us grow our business and understand our concerns. Revenue Manager was the right fit.”

- Oscar Paredes, Director, Corporate Accounting, Intech Investment Management LLC

Revenue Manager Key Features


Dashboards and alerts

A rich, dynamic, and visually appealing portal for your billing professionals brings billing and accounting data to life. Fees, revenue, and collections are represented by elegant graphics on personalized dashboards. This is the foundation for managing your revenue management processes and taking your regulatory compliance to the next level.

Fee splitting via Payouts

Custom approvals and workflow

Create intelligent workflows and billing approval processes to satisfy the compliance recommendations of your internal and external auditors. Establish multiple approval points, define reminders and alerts for handling your high-priority clients, and batch process high volumes of accounts with a few clicks.

Reporting and analytics

Revenue accounting and subledger

Elevate your finance and accounting operations with powerful subledger and accounting capabilities. Create and manage your revenue accounting entries, and when ready, send them to one or more global general ledger systems.

billing solutions analytics

Embedded reporting and analytics

Deepen your firm's understanding of your revenue, receivables collection, and overall billing operational throughput. Gain insights into the most important aspects of your billing and finance operations. Alternatively, use our rich data exports to populate your own in-house data warehouses for an even more custom and integrated business reporting experience.


Flexible billing templates

Help improve operational efficiency and gain next-generation functionality with billing templates. Billing templates enable your team to define complex fee calculation and invoicing rules. After the initial set-up, billing for your complex client relationships is automated with flexible, reusable billing rules.

Client support the way it should be

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