Industry Recognition and Awards

Envestnet's mission is to empower financial advisors to deliver excellence in wealth management—to improve client outcomes and to run your business more effectively.  Thank you for the industry recognition.

2018 Awards

2018 Family Wealth Report Awards

Envestnet | PMC - Innovation Investment Solution of the Year

Envestnet | PMC was awarded the Innovation Investment Solution of the Year award at the 2018 Family Wealth Report Awards.

The award recognizes Envestnet | PMC's unique product suite, called Quantitative Portfolios (QPs), designed to help address important investor needs that are often overlooked by “one-size-fits-all” passive investments. QPs blend the benefits of “beta” investing with the portfolio customization of managed accounts to improve potential after-tax returns in a cost effective manner.

2018 Family Wealth Report Awards

Envestnet | Tamarac - Portfolio Management

Envestnet | Tamarac was awarded the Portfolio Management award at the 2018 Family Wealth Report Awards.

This award recognizes the rebalancing technology of the suite of tools offered by Envestnet | Tamarac, together with their modeling and reporting capabilities as marketplace differentiators.

Bank Insurance and Securities Association (BISA)

Envestnet - 2018 Technology Innovation Award
The award recognizes companies that are leaders in the advancement of the financial services industry's products, services and platforms through technology innovation. 

2018 Private Asset Management Awards

Envestnet | PMC - Best Investment Platform – Innovation

This 2018 Private Asset Management (PAM) Award was presented to Envestnet, Inc. in the category of Best Investment Platform – Innovation for the impact investing suite of solutions available through Envestnet | PMC, its Portfolio Management Consultants group.

PMC’s Impact Investing platform offers diversified investment solutions for investors through portfolios that span environmental, social, and governance (ESG) priorities and preferences. The portfolios are available in active and passive mutual funds, ETFs, and separate accounts, including smart beta and direct indexing solutions. Envestnet designed its proprietary impact investing solutions for advisors to utilize with clients, thereby empowering advisors to support clients in their pursuit of both enhanced social impact and better financial outcomes. 

2017 Awards

2017 MMI/Barron’s Industry Awards

Doing Good

This award was presented to the program that supports a deserving cause or gives back to the communities we serve.

Envestnet Institute On Campus was chosen as a program designed to interest college students in the asset and wealth management industry by creating awareness of career possibilities, providing foundational training, and connecting them with potential employers.

2017 Wealth Management Industry Awards

TAMPs, Portfolio Accounting, Technology Disruptors and Client Portal

Category: Disruptors - Technology
Winner: The Envestnet Platform

Founded in 1999, Envestnet has been working towards its goal of building a holistic wealth management platform with the ultimate goal of providing advisors all the information and analytics they need to better advise their clients, construct portfolios and benchmark their practice. Since the 2016 Wheelhouse Analytics LLC acquisition, Envestnet has greatly enhanced its platform analytics and now provides enterprises and advisors with online dashboards and reporting tools that deliver segmentation analytics, trend analysis and benchmarking capabilities to help advisors improve business performance and client relationships.

Category: TAMPs
Winner: The Envestnet Platform

Envestnet is the largest TAMP in the U.S. with over $1.2 trillion in platform assets, including $393 billion in assets under management/administration and more than 57,000 advisors using its platform as of June 30, 2017. The integration of a wealth management platform with investment management, fiduciary services, and analytics makes Envestnet a powerful force in the industry. Envestnet Analytics brings online dashboards and reporting tools to Envestnet’s clients, equipping them to drill down into greater levels of detail.

Category: Technology Providers - Portfolio Accounting
Winner: The Envestnet Platform

Envestnet’s Goals-Based Portfolio Management and Reporting capabilities empower advisors to construct client portfolios grounded in goals-based and cash-flow financial planning. Performance monitoring and reporting tied to established goals are also offered through Envestnet Logix and Envestnet’s Vantage™ Reporting Solutions.

Category: Technology Providers - Client Portals
Winner: Envestnet | Tamarac

Tamarac’s client portal is a key component of its comprehensive technology platform for Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), which also includes best-in-class performance reporting, trading, billing, prospecting, CRM, onboarding and data aggregation software. The portal serves as a digital hub of communication between advisors and their clients, providing a comprehensive view of a client’s financial picture, interactive reporting, a secure document vault, integrated financial planning, and more.


Family Wealth Report Awards 2017


This award was presented to the technology provider specializing in solutions and tools to help compliance, including AML and KYC.

Envestnet was selected for integrating a robust turnkey platform that is strongly informed by a solid compliance component.

Family Wealth Report Awards 2017

Outsourcing/Business Process Outsourcing

This award was presented to the third-party organization providing outsourced business processes or systems to wealth management businesses.

Envestnet was chosen for its range of offerings and ability to cover a broad spectrum of client needs. 

Family Wealth Report Awards 2017

Portfolio Management

This award was presented to the technology solution provider specializing in tools for managing clients’ investment portfolios and monitoring against mandate. 

Envestnet | Tamarac was selected for their focus on outstanding portfolio management and the calibre of their offering in this respect.

Bank Insurance and Securities Association (BISA)

Envestnet - 2017 Technology Innovation Award

The award recognizes companies that are leaders in the advancement of the financial services industry's products, services and platforms through technology innovation. 

2017 Private Asset Management Awards

Envestnet | PMC - Best Outsourced CIO Solution

Envestnet | PMC delivers institutional-quality research, due diligence, consulting, and investment solutions that empower financial advisors to enhance client outcomes.  We combine thoughtful investment intelligence with advanced technology to offer advisors a competitive edge.  We set ourselves apart by offering an objective, unbiased approach to research coupled with the experience of implementing portfolios the way advisors do, while acting as an investment fiduciary.

2016 Awards

2016 Wealth Management Industry Awards

401(k) Services, Impact Investing, TAMPs, Advisor Rebalancing

Category: 401(k) Services 
Winner: Envestnet Retirement Services (ERS)

ERS, majority-owned subsidiary of Envestnet, launched the ERS Fund Strategist Network in July 2015. A roster of institutional-grade and boutique strategic and dynamic fund strategists, the platform provides retirement plan advisors with access to high-quality unitized fund strategist portfolios which are monitored by ERS and enables ERS to provide independent, unbiased fiduciary oversight and support to retirement plan sponsors, broker-dealers and advisors. In addition, ERS serves as the 3(38) investment manager on behalf of 401(k) plan sponsors for fund strategist portfolios available through the Network.

Category: Asset Managers - Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) / Impact Investing
Winner: Envestnet's Impact Investing Platform

Socially responsible investing (SRI) in the United States has grown by a factor of 10 since 1995, and as of 2014 totaled more than $6 trillion in assets. Envestnet created the Impact Investing platform to provide SRI solutions through portfolios that are comprehensive, diversified and designed for investors with environmental, social, and governance priorities and preferences. The platform consists of seven risk-based portfolios constructed by impact managers who consistently beat their benchmarks on a risk-adjusted basis, while fulfilling environmental, social, and governance objectives. The portfolios spread risk over multiple, diverse types and classes of managers, including mutual funds, ETFs, index-based mutual funds, and separate account solutions.

Category: TAMPs
Winner: Envestnet’s Platform

As access to holistic data and mission-critical applications becomes increasingly important to serving clients, Envestnet’s cloud based wealth management platform has emerged as a standout technology provider for advisors. ​ Envestnet is the largest turnkey asset management platform and the fastest-growing TAMP over the past three years, according to Cerulli Associates. It provides access to 16,000 investment products and strategies that can help advisors achieve better investment outcomes for clients. The platform enables advisors to focus on serving clients, while spending less time on the non-core aspects of their practice. As of December 31, 2015, Envestnet’s platform serviced more than 47,000 advisors managing nearly 3.4 million accounts and $851 billion in assets. Envestnet’s advisor base is now nearly as large as all wirehouse firms combined.

Category: Technology Providers - Rebalancing ​
Winner: Envestnet | Tamarac 

Envestnet | Tamarac’s Advisor Rebalancing application delivers a range of useful features to advisors, including advanced model portfolio management, monitoring, rebalancing, trading and real-time pricing. New features of the Advisor Rebalancing application include a new dashboard and home screen that quickly gathers and filters key information for advisors such as saved search results a tally of accounts and groups and their AUMs. The application also offers a suite of services that go beyond simple portfolio rebalancing. Users can automate model portfolio construction and management, monitor accounts for trading triggers and execute trades directly with a broker. Advisor Rebalancing has gained traction, with more than 600 independent RIA firms using the application to manage in excess of $330 billion in assets for more than a million clients.

Money Management Institute

2016 Advisory Solutions Provider of the Year—Outsourced Investment Advisory Services

The award honors the technology or service provider whose outsourced investment advisory services offerings best exemplify overall excellence and the qualities most valued by managers, program sponsors, and financial advisors. 

2016 Private Asset Management Awards

Quantitative Portfolios - Best New Product for HNW Advisory

The Private Asset Management Awards recognize those who have provided exceptional client service to high-net-worth individuals during the previous 12 months. Quantitative Portfolios, managed by Envestnet | PMC, are a suite of asset-class-specific investments combining the benefits of traditional index-based products with the greater control and customization offered by managed accounts. The Market Series portfolios provide low-cost access to important market segments coupled with opportunities for customization and tax management. The Factor-Enhanced Series portfolios seek to provide excess returns through increased exposure to various factors, including value and momentum.

To learn more about QPs, visit

Family Wealth Report Awards 2016

Portfolio Management

This award was presented to the technology solution provider specializing in tools for managing clients’ investment portfolios and monitoring against mandate. 

Envestnet was selected for the innovative nature and impressive growth of our firm.


Family Wealth Report Awards 2016

Jud Bergman: Outstanding Contribution to Wealth Management Thought Leadership

This award was presented to the individual who has made an outstanding contribution to thought leadership in wealth management.

CEO Jud Bergman was recognised for thought leadership in ways of thinking that challenge the status quo.

2015 Awards

Worth 2015 Power 100

Jud Bergman Named One of the 100 Most Powerful People in Global Finance

Whether it’s in Silicon Valley or Wall Street, London or Moscow, Beijing or New Delhi, financial power takes many forms—bankers and billionaires, politicians and prophets. Worth Magazine names Jud Bergman, Chairman and CEO of Envestnet among their 100 most powerful men and women in finance for 2015. From all across the globe, they shape your world.

2015 Wealth Management Industry Awards

Best ETF Strategists, Best Separate Accounts, Best TAMP

Category: Asset Managers - Best Separate Accounts
Winner - 
Envestnet | PMC for Quantitative Portfolios

Envestnet’s portfolio consulting group’s Quantitative Portfolios combine the benefits of low-cost, factor-enhanced index investing with the customization and control found in typical SMA structures. The portfolios provide investors with several primary attributes, including: (1) cost-efficient exposure to certain investment factors; (2) the opportunity to capture "tax management alpha"; and (3) the ability to customize the portfolio.

Category: Asset Managers - Best ETF Strategists
Winner - Envestnet for Fund Strategist Network

Envestnet has successfully guided advisors through the world of ETF fund strategists via its Fund Strategist Network, an open-architecture selection of over 1,000 mutual fund/ETF strategist portfolios from close to 90 firms. It uses proprietary research, benchmarking, risk-scoring, and fund groupings to bring clarity to advisors when choosing third-party money managers.

Category: TAMPS
Winner - Envestnet for Wealth Management Platform

Envestnet’s cloud-based wealth management platform arms advisors with access to over 14,000 investment vehicles, including 1,200 SMA strategies, over 1,000 mutual fund and ETF strategists, and a UMA program containing more than 800 SMA models, including an advisor-managed sleeve. At the end of 2014, Envestnet managed or advised $172 billion in managed account assets.

Fortune Magazine

Envestnet Named One of the 100 Fastest-Growing Companies

“The adviser to the adviser” provides software and services for financial firms that managed 2.9 million accounts. Revenues have more than doubled since 2012. Envestnet ranked number 16 on Fortune's list.

Private Asset Management

Lori Hardwick Named One of the 50 Most Influential Women in Private Wealth

Hardwick, who joined Envestnet shortly after its founding 15 years ago, provides the leadership and strategic vision for all of the Advisor Services teams within the firm. In addition to directly managing 100 service professionals, she has also mentored many women over the last 15 years who are now running “key company divisions”, said one of her peers.

Money Management Institute

2015 Technology Service Provider of the Year

The technology or service provider that made a meaningful contribution to innovation within the advisory solutions industry while exemplifying overall excellence and the qualities valued by managers, program sponsors, and financial advisors.

Money Management Institute’s 2015 Leadership Awards

Bill Crager named Advisor Solutions Pioneer of the Year

The MMI Board of Governors honor Bill Crager, President of Envestnet, as the 2015 Advisory Solutions Pioneer. Mr. Crager is recognized for his thought leadership and career-long contributions to the development of the managed solutions industry.

ETF Report

Tim Clift named one of the Ten Most Important People in ETFs

Clift is a gatekeeper of sorts, advising ETF strategists—especially ones just starting out—how to run their portfolios more smoothly, and, not least, offering them a platform where they can market their various strategies.

Family Wealth Report Awards 2015

Outsourcing Solution of the Year

Awarded to: Third-party organizations providing business processes or systems to wealth management businesses.

2014 Awards

Family Wealth Report Awards 2014

Portfolio Management Solutions of the Year

Awards to: Technology solution providers specializing in tools for managing clients’ investment portfolios.

Mergers & Acquisitions Awards 2014

Open Architecture Platform of the Year

Sustainalytics Prize for Excellence in RI Research 2014

Honorable Mention for White Paper

Exploratin of the Cross-Sectional Return Distributions of Socially Responsible Investment Funds

Family Wealth Report Awards 2014

Outsourcing Solution of the Year

Awarded to: Third-party organizations providing business processes or systems to wealth management businesses.

Built In Chicago Digital Technology Awards 2014

Top 100 Digital Technology Company

According to Built In Chicago, as of November, 2014, more than 49,000 people are employed in the City’s technology economy, a 23 percent increase over 2013 and up nearly fifty percent from 2012, and there are now more than 2,100 digital technology companies in Chicago.

Money Management Institute Annual Industry Leadership Awards 2014

Advisory Solutions Service Provider of the Year

The partner that best contributed to the innovation, growth, and long-term sustainability of the advisory solutions industry.