Preparing for a New Tax Policy: Featuring Strategas’ Dan Clifton

Preparing for a New Tax Policy: Featuring Strategas’ Dan Clifton

Wednesday, June, 2, 2021 ● 4:00 PM ET

Dan Clifton, Head of Policy Research for Strategas joins us!

Award-winning Washington Policy Analyst Dan Clifton will break down what we know about President Biden’s tax proposal, as well as the likely scenarios and effects it will have on investors.

Are you prepared to manage your clients' taxes?

We will also hold a short panel discussion focused on what advisors can do to mitigate the effects this new tax policy will have, and prepare portfolios for whatever tax changes the future may hold.

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  • Dan Clifton, Head of Policy Research, Strategas Research
  • Erik Preus, Managing Director, Envestnet | PMC
  • Tim Fisk, Trucendent
  • Ali Vitale, Portfolio Manager, QRG


  • Tim Clift, Chief Investment Strategist, Envestnet | PMC

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