Trust Services

Envestnet Trust Services Exchange
Trust Services to support the future transfer of your clients’ wealth
Many of your clients will likely be part of one of the largest generational transfers of wealth in history, as boomers plan for the distribution of assets to their millennial children and beneficiaries. But how prepared are you to support your clients with estate planning and trust services that help them provide for others in the future?
Envestnet gives you the tools you need to simplify the estate planning process through Envestnet Trust Services Exchange, a fully integrated and guided platform for navigating client wealth transfers.
A Unified Estate Planning Experience
Helps define wealth transfer goals, advise on trust documentation and streamline account implementation, so you have all the support you need in guiding clients through every aspect of the trust planning process.
Embedded Integration
Delivers embedded integration by drawing on an experienced network of estate planning attorneys and trust administrators who specialize in the opening, approving, and monitoring of trust accounts — while you and your client maintain control of custody and ongoing management of assets.
One Ecosystem
Fully integrates with Envestnet | MoneyGuide for goals-based financial planning that strives to meet the unique needs of your clients, Envestnet | Tamarac for the most comprehensive technology solution for independent RIAs, and other offerings in our ecosystem.

Envestnet Trust Services Exchange is offered through a partnership with Trucendent, a provider of tools that can help financial advisors strengthen their understanding and use of trusts in estate planning. When you expand your services to include more integrations, you further showcase your value to clients — and their heirs — and enhance your ability to provide holistic, unified advice for generations to come.
The Envestnet Trust Services Exchange is Powered by Trucendent.