Envestnet and PIEtech Announce Partnership with Apprise Labs

Software companies collaborate on advanced tax, legacy and estate planning capabilities

CHICAGO, IL – Jan. 30, 2019 – Envestnet (NYSE: ENV) and PIEtech® have come together with Edmond Walters to form Apprise Labs, a new startup focused on building software to address estate planning, lifetime cash flow and client retirement needs. The next generation software will add detailed short-term cash flow and tax information to each firm's financial planning solutions, Envestnet Logix and MoneyGuide. The new add-ons will allow advisors to collaborate with clients through an interactive and rewarding user interface to plan for their family's unique legacy needs.

During their on-stage presentation at the T3 Advisor conference today, Envestnet CEO Jud Bergman, PIEtech co-CEO Bob Curtis and Apprise Labs founder Edmond Walters will unveil that the add-ons will provide advanced, cash flow-based tax and estate planning functionality. Clients using the MoneyGuide platform or the Logix tool will have access to more advanced and interactive estate planning options later in 2019.

"We are excited to be working with two of the most trusted names in the industry to develop a new collaborative financial planning tool that will empower advisors to provide a higher level of client service," said Jud Bergman, Chairman and CEO of Envestnet. "These new capabilities will use visual, interactive technology to help clients manage important financial decisions pertaining to home sales, retirement investments and assets, inheritance gifts, endowment contributions and more. This solution further advances Envestnet's mission of offering holistic financial wellness solutions that make people's lives easier."

Apprise Labs is led by Edmond Walters, the founder and former CEO of eMoney, a premier cash-based financial planning software. As a long-time developer of financial planning tools, Walters recognized a demand for more savvy software that advisors can use to guide their clients through complex decisions related to family finances and the transfer of wealth.

"This technology allows the advisor to show their value. The next generation of tools are going to enable both the advisor and clients to co-create and co-design their plans live and interactively," said Walters. "Whether you are showing a sale of a business, creating trusts for your spouse or gifting to charity or even setting up a private foundation, you should be able to see everything interactively working together. Both the cash flow and estate plan. Coupled with the advisor's case experience, this tool has the potential to provide enormous value to clients and prospects."

Key imbedded and fully integrated add-on features that will be available to users for each platform include:

  • - Estate Planning: Client assets are displayed and broken down in one easy to understand portfolio dashboard.
  • - Cash Flow: Advisors can compartmentalize cash flow by strategy or focus area, such as retirement savings, inheritance gifts, or endowment contributions. 
  • - Content Updates: Up-to-date information and content strategy from credible financial experts.
  • - Snapshot: All expenses are tracked and displayed for the advisor to gain a holistic financial planning picture of each client.


"Engaging digital experiences are critical in our industry, as consumer technology raises the bar for seamless, on-demand client service. For over a decade, we have been constantly innovating and redesigning our software to bring a collaborative, goal-based planning experience to advisors and their clients. With this partnership, PIEtech is one step closer to fulfilling its mission of providing advisors with an interactive experience that addresses the intricacies of their clients' lives, from detailed short-term cash flow to estate and legacy planning," said Bob Curtis, co-CEO of PIEtech. "Legacy decisions can be one of the hardest subjects to approach with a client, and we're thrilled to provide advisors with leading technology that can showcase their planning in a dynamic, two-way conversation."  


Advisors at the T3 Advisor Conference will be the first to see how in-person legacy conversations with clients can be more impactful with new technology developed by Apprise Labs for both Envestnet and MoneyGuide. Additional information about this new solution will be released at the Envestnet Advisor Summit in Austin, Texas from May 1-3, 2019.


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