Preparing for a New Tax Policy: Featuring Steve Boms

Preparing for a New Tax Policy: Featuring Steve Boms

Wednesday, July 28, 2021 ● 1:00 PM ET

Steve Boms, President and Founder of Allon Advocacy joins us!

For the first half of our webinar, Steve will share his thoughts on the current policy landscape around the current tax proposal.

What should advisors have in mind when it comes to managing taxes?

After Steve shares his thoughts, hear from a panel of specialists on how advisors can prepare their clients for looming tax policy changes, and also on what options they have available to them to improve tax efficiency.

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Main Speaker

Steve Boms

President and Founder
Allon Advocacy

Daniel Solender, CFA

Director of Tax-Free Fixed Income
Lord Abbett

Dani Fava

Head of Strategic Development

Erik Preus, CFA

Head of Overlay Services
Envestnet | PMC

Dana D’Auria, CFA

Co-Chief Investment Officer
Envestnet | PMC

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