PMC Consulting

On top of managing and growing an advisory business, understanding and meeting client and industry fiduciary requirements pose a significant challenge for many. By providing investment intelligence in key areas such as asset allocation strategy implementation, manager research and due diligence, and overlay management on specific investment solutions, PMC’s highly objective team of portfolio consultants can help advisors remain dedicated to their clients’ best interests, empower them to enhance their standard of care with clients, and reduce the time and effort involved in complying with regulatory demands.

Investment Consulting

The PMC Consulting Team can guide advisors through the various decisions that need to be made to build an optimal portfolio, such as choosing from the vast selection of investment managers thoroughly vetted by the PMC Research Team. PMC consultants can also help financial professionals design and monitor wealth management programs and ensure they consistently meet fiduciary responsibilities. Drawing on more than 20 years consulting on institutional and individual investor portfolios, the PMC Consulting Team is ready to assist advisors with a full arsenal of creative ideas and solutions to meet even the most complex and unique client requirements and financial circumstances.

Proposal and Manager Mapping

Constructing client proposals involves balancing the practical needs and goals of the investor with an optimal and suitable mix of investment solutions, chosen from the available universe of managers. The PMC Consulting Team can assist advisors in this process, helping them create refined, customized investment solutions uniquely tailored to a particular client’s asset allocation strategy. In addition, PMC can help advisors further fine-tune the chosen strategy to include additional asset classes (e.g., emerging markets, real estate or high-yield), and the mix of investments comprising the portfolio can be blended to deliver the desired risk/return profile.

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