Incorporate Alternatives into Your Business at Scale


At a recent online webinar, “Incorporate Alternatives into Your Business at Scale,” our RIA Sales and Product teams focused on the alternatives asset class and how Envestnet | Tamarac can help you incorporate these types of assets into your business. Our webinar drew Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) from around the country focused on expanding their suite of offerings to serve the evolving needs of their clients. Dan Miller, VP of Product at Tamarac, joined me for the event.

We’ve seen the popularity of alternatives grow in recent years as advisors look to diversify beyond traditional equity and fixed-income portfolios to other return drivers so they can help clients stay on track toward achieving their long-term investment goals. We believe alternatives can be a valuable component of today’s portfolio construction process, and our powerful technology platform supports every aspect of your alternatives business.

Here’s a recap of what our webinar covered:

About Envestnet: How we approach the marketplace

I opened the webinar by providing an overview of how Tamarac helps RIA navigate and understand the Envestnet Financial Wellness Ecosystem, serving as the hub that allows advisors access to our tools and technology. We then covered the Intelligent Financial Life that enables RIAs to take a holistic financial approach with their clients and how Tamarac helps them build their unique operating system.

Next, I reviewed how Tamarac’s unified platforms support advisors with a modular and open architecture. From Tamarac Reporting, Tamarac Trading, and Tamarac CRM, our core technology solutions, RIAs have access to our MoneyGuide financial planning suite, Tamarac Unified Managed Accounts, and so much more.

Tamarac Platform Demonstration: Supporting your alternatives business at scale

In a discussion on our Tamarac Reporting platform capabilities across alternatives, we covered how we can help you get the data you need and report on it with the flexibility to support your clients’ needs. Our Tamarac Reporting demo covered the following:

  • Manual Security Snapshot that offers you the customization you need, including control over the way assets are displayed and incorporated
  • Committed Capital Report that reflects recent enhancements, including recallable distributions, bulk reports, upgraded flow handling, grouping by vintage year, and the addition of last valuation value
  • Segregated IRR and TWR returns that support more detailed performance reporting conversations with clients
  • Alternatives reporting embedded in the broader Envestnet | Tamarac reporting ecosystem, with access to reports via PDFs or the Client Portal

Tamarac Platform Demonstration: Trading considerations in alternative assets

Miller started this portion of the webinar by underscoring the complexity that is a part of trading alternative strategies and how Tamarac supports your needs with flexible solutions. Our Tamarac Trading demo covered the following:

  • Model securities in Tamarac Models and how alternatives can be incorporated
  • How to capture different types of restricted securities within the trading platform
  • How to substitute relationships and placeholder holdings
  • The process for how to raise cash for Capital Calls
  • The value of the Rebalance Summary for mapping out asset allocations in the broader model view

Additional Alternative Offerings within the Envestnet Ecosystem: The Alternatives Exchange

We introduced the Alternatives Exchange, a relationship between Envestnet, UBS, and iCapital to provide the highest quality alternatives curation and breadth of offerings to independent advisors.

As a new technology-forward solution, the Alternatives Exchange allows advisors using the Envestnet and Tamarac platforms to seamlessly log into the iCapital platform via a single-sign-on link and find an exclusive, curated list of investment options sourced by UBS, as well as iCapital’s list of investment offerings.

Today, advisors have access to a variety of private market investment opportunities, including 45 funds from managers across geographies and strategies. We concluded the webinar by providing a demo of the Alternatives Exchange. As a part of this demo, we showed how advisors and their clients benefit from centralized document management with full transparency and comprehensive, streamlined reporting holistically integrated into the Envestnet and Tamarac platforms.

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If you missed our exclusive online webinar, “Incorporate Alternatives Into Your Business at Scale,” watch the replay here. To learn more about how you can access all the tools and technology we offer to support your alternatives business, connect with us at

Alternative Investments may have complex terms and features that are not easily understood and are not suitable for all investors. You should conduct your own due diligence to ensure you understand the features of the product before investing. Envestnet and its affiliates do not provide research or product oversight on alternative investments. As with all investments, there is no assurance that alternative investment strategies will achieve their objectives or protect against losses.