Manage Both Sides of Your Practice

The Envestnet Client Portal
The Envestnet client portal is a central hub for clients to see all of their financial accounts, create budgets and financial goals, and track their progress anywhere, anytime—all in one place.

As dually registered advisor, you face a distinct set of challenges. Maintaining both advisory and brokerage services often means operating under two separate business structures with different sets of goals, fees, and regulations. Envestnet provides you with the flexibility and support you need to tie together both sides of your business.

The Envestnet Advisor Portal is a fully configurable platform that empowers you to conquer all aspects of the wealth management process, including the added responsibilities that come with dual registration. Our unified analyses and reporting give you and your clients a complete, clear view of all their holdings together—whether you are managing them for a fee or a commission. From providing you with tools to better manage your practice to ensuring you meet compliance and regulatory requirements, Envestnet helps you meet the complex needs of your most sophisticated clients.

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