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Envestat Report: Should You Do It Yourself?
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Format: pdf
Publication Date: 03/17

There are many reasons financial advisors consider outsourcing asset management to professional money managers—from the opportunity cost of time that could go into meeting with clients and prospects to the desire to avoid being measured primarily as a portfolio manager. One important factor to consider in making this decision to outsource portfolio management is the difference in client outcomes in each scenario. Volatility is a key part of this experience: like turbulence on an airplane flight, the bumpier it is, the more jittery passengers become. When it comes to investing, the greater the swings, the harder it is for many clients to keep to a disciplined investment strategy.

Envestat Report: What A Difference 4 Years Make In Fund Strategist Programs
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Format: pdf
Publication Date: 02/17

In recent years, assets in Fund Strategist Portfolios (FSPs) at Envestnet have grown at a healthy pace. Also known as wrap accounts, these model portfolios comprise a set of mutual funds and/or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) selected by investment strategists to meet distinct investment goals.

Envestat Report: What Is the Message of Fund Flows In the First Half Of 2017?
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Format: pdf
Publication Date: 07/17

With the first six months of 2017 now behind us and the markets providing a tailwind, we thought it would be an interesting exercise to extend our analysis of last month’s Envestat (“Are Investors Feeling Overconfident”) and focus on where the flows are going by investment style and asset class. We aimed to answer the following questions:

• If we are in a “risk-on” environment, what investment styles are winning the bulk of mutual fund and ETF flows?
• What styles are experiencing the largest outflows?
• Are the results comparable between UMA and APM portfolios?

ENVESTAT Report: When the Market Swings, Advisors Who Hold Steady Outperform
Format: pdf
Publication Date: 07/16

Volatile markets were a persistent concern for advisors during the first quarter of 2016 amid continued uncertainty over Brexit, an economic slowdown in China and a steep decline in oil prices. Should advisors raise their cash allocations and adopt a more defensive approach, or are they better off riding out market volatility by staying invested? This Envestat explores how advisors on Envestnet’s platform changed their cash allocations in response to market volatility and why it makes sense for advisors to stay invested.