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1Q16 ENVESTAT Intersection: Quantifying Advisor-Created Value
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Format: pdf
Publication Date: 04/16
December 2017: Using Fund Strategist Portfolios – The More the Merrier, or the Fewer the Better?
Format: pdf
Publication Date: 12/17

One of the fastest growing product lines in the wealth management industry today is the Fund Strategist Portfolio.

A Fund Strategist Portfolio (FSP) is an asset allocated portfolio consisting primarily of mutual funds and ETFs. These can be used as a core portfolio or as a complement or satellite solution. FSPs typically are segmented according to risk, with asset allocation strategies that extend from capital preservation to aggressive growth.

Envestat Report: Advisors See Opportunities Abroad
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Format: pdf
Publication Date: 09/17

The equity market has been kind to investors thus far in 2017. US equity market returns were relatively high in the first half of the year; and international equities (both developed and emerging markets) took off, particularly in growth-oriented stocks. With this in mind, we thought it would be useful to examine how advisors using the Envestnet platform were allocating portfolios, and which investment styles were garnering the most advisor attention.

Envestat Report: Are Investors Feeling Overconfident?
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Format: pdf
Publication Date: 06/17

After many years of market gains, consumer confidence is high. The market environment appears to be making investors brave and willing to take on more risk. Is now the time to take on more risk and are consumers investing as if they’re invincible? Have they forgotten how devastating large losses can be to a portfolio and how long and difficult it can be to recover?