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A Tracking Error Primer
White Papers
Format: pdf
Publication Date: 01/14

For Advisor Use Only - Understanding the dimensions of risk is critical to both constructing a portfolio and evaluating managers. The goal of this research brief is to provide a deeper understanding of one particular dimension of portfolio risk: tracking error.

Guide to Quantitative Portfolios
Investment Solutions
Format: pdf
Publication Date: 06/15

Quantitative Portfolios (“QPs”) are separately managed accounts designed and constructed to offer several primary attributes, including: cost-efficient exposure to beta, tax-efficiency, and the ability to be customized. At their core, QPs are passively managed, and are structured to provide a pre-tax return similar to a broad-based benchmark index at a cost that is competitive with ETFs. We attempt to enhance after-tax return through active tax management. As their name suggests, the portfolios are constructed quantitatively, with risk assessment and tax management considerations being the sole criteria.

Impact Quantitative Portfolios
Literature, Investment Solutions
Format: pdf
Publication Date: 09/16

Built on a history in impact investing, quantitative expertise, and partnerships with industry leaders, the PMC Impact Quantitative Portfolios track traditional market indexes with an explicit focus on companies with high sustainability ratings and/or environmental, social, and governance priorities. Investors benefit from cost-efficient beta exposure, access to important market segments, opportunities for tax management and social impact in a single, separately managed account.

Market Series Quantitative Portfolios
Investment Solutions
Format: pdf
Publication Date: 05/17

Blending the benefits of “beta” investing with the portfolio customization of managed accounts, Quantitative Portfolios (QPs) can improve potential after-tax and risk-adjusted results—in a costeffective manner. The Market Series QPs take portfolios beyond beta, featuring low cost access to important market segments coupled with opportunities for customization and tax management.