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Aite Report: Technology Integration Turbocharges Advisor Productivity: Making Time for Clients
Industry White Papers, Literature, White Papers
Format: pdf
Publication Date: 10/16

Today’s market and regulatory environment is putting pressure on many financial advisors. To maintain productivity and revenue levels, many advisors need to increase their books of business. However, regulatory pressures are also requiring they spend more time with each client. More than ever, advisors are relying on technology to help meet these growing demands. Read the report.

Building Strong Client Relationships
Literature, Educational Materials
Format: pdf
Publication Date: 08/12

When meeting with a client to work through the Wealth Advisory Process, you are selling intangibles—trust, confidence, knowledge and experience. These are the qualities that help your client bond with you, stay with you during times of market uncertainty and build your business. This paper will offer you insights on how to position your services around intangibles that can address client needs.

Capital Sigma: The Return on Advice
Industry White Papers, Literature, White Papers
Format: pdf
Publication Date: 05/15

An ongoing debate among investment advisors and their clients centers on value: creating it, preserving it, and perpetuating it. Each faces a different challenge: Advisors are tasked with delivering worth to their clients, and clients need to understand what they can expect for the dollars they spend.

ENVESTAT Report: When the Market Swings, Advisors Who Hold Steady Outperform
Format: pdf
Publication Date: 07/16

Volatile markets were a persistent concern for advisors during the first quarter of 2016 amid continued uncertainty over Brexit, an economic slowdown in China and a steep decline in oil prices. Should advisors raise their cash allocations and adopt a more defensive approach, or are they better off riding out market volatility by staying invested? This Envestat explores how advisors on Envestnet’s platform changed their cash allocations in response to market volatility and why it makes sense for advisors to stay invested.