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Impact Quantitative Portfolios
Literature, Investment Solutions
Format: pdf
Publication Date: 09/16

Built on a history in impact investing, quantitative expertise, and partnerships with industry leaders, the PMC Impact Quantitative Portfolios track traditional market indexes with an explicit focus on companies with high sustainability ratings and/or environmental, social, and governance priorities. Investors benefit from cost-efficient beta exposure, access to important market segments, opportunities for tax management and social impact in a single, separately managed account.

PMC Impact Investing Solutions
Investment Solutions
Format: pdf
Publication Date: 01/16

Today, more clients want to invest their wealth in a way that integrates their values with performance objectives. Advisors have an opportunity to win new business and deepen relationships by helping clients achieve this goal. Impact Investing Solutions provides comprehensive investing strategies that align a client’s portfolio with their personal convictions.

PMC Overview and Selection Criteria for Impact Integrated Managers
Literature, Platform Solutions
Format: pdf
Publication Date: 10/15

On the Envestnet platform, the socially responsible investing (SRI) superscript identifies Impact integrated managers. These investment managers integrate one or more of the following lenses into their investment process: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors, Controversial Business Practices, Sustainability Issues, and Impact and Community Investing.

The way Impact integrated managers apply these approaches vary in level of strictness, as well as in range of screens and criteria. Some managers use a Strict approach; while others use a Best in Class approach, which compares companies to their peers. Managers may not employ avoidance screening, but rather focus on identifying companies with positive solutions and innovations.

PMC Personal Conviction Overlay Screens
Platform Solutions
Format: pdf
Publication Date: 01/15

The overlay screening program allows clients to apply customized screens to their investment portfolios. There are 17 different screens available, many of which have both a Best in Class and Strict screen. Clients are able to select up to 11 screens to apply.