Envestnet Analytics

Envestnet Analytics: Vision IQ

As a financial advisor, wealth manager, or other financial executive, getting answers to top questions like, “What are my net flows?”, and “Who are the top selling advisors?”, and “How do my sales compare to my peers?” can provide a significant competitive edge. Yet extracting these answers from data can be complicated, costly, and time consuming.

With Envestnet Envision IQ™ you can easily get the answers to these business questions and many more.

Envestnet Analytics: Enterprise Portal Fees and Benchmarking Dashboards

Our Fees and Benchmarking Analytics will provide you with critical information that will help you make sure your advisor and client total fees are competitive, consistent, and comply with your policies.  The dashboards will illustrate your fees by important dimensions: Program Type, Size of Account, Age of Account, and Retirement vs. Non-Retirement Account at the advisor and account levels.

Envestnet Analytics: Manager Portal Advanced Dashboards

With the Advanced Dashboards, you have daily insight into your sales and redemptions and can gain unprecedented understanding of your opportunities for each of your product types. This deeper, more detailed view of your firm will allow you to quickly see how you stack up against the rest of the Envestnet ecosystem, and more importantly, show you what you need to do to lead the pack.