Leading Clients Forward

Moving Forward
Navigating the Impact of COVID-19
The Advisor's Playbook for Leading Clients Forward

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At Envestnet, we sit at the nexus of financial services, partnering with nearly every type of financial institution and serving more than 100,000 financial advisors and over 20 million consumers who use our data every day. Our interconnection gives us a unique perspective on the industry and how we can move forward at this critical turning point.

We’ve compiled a playbook detailing how we believe the industry will change as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic and actions you can take to position yourself as an essential advisor and trusted partner.
What we cover
Notable trends based on Envestnet data.
Key actions you can take to differentiate yourself and better serve your clients.
How to build a more sustainable practice and help more people find financial wellness.
What Will Change
We believe the industry will change in very significant ways:
A Deeper Dive
A New Level of Trust and Relevance are the Currency of Valued Engagement
What can you do to deliver relevant information and build trust?
  • Lead with empathy.
  • Employ appropriate security measures to safeguard sensitive information.
  • Leverage data to create meaningful segmentation and benchmarking.
  • Deliver personalized experiences that demonstrate your understanding of each family’s unique needs.
Redefining What it Means to be Prepared
Facing new levels of caution, preparation will become highly customized for both individuals and businesses. What can you do to be prepared?
  • Review your clients’ risk comfort levels and adjust plans accordingly.
  • Simplify the planning process, personalizing it to specific goals, concerns, and needs.
  • Leverage gamification to increase engagement and attract younger generations.
  • Put financial concerns into perspective with advance scenario planning and risk tools.
Digital Becomes More Human
Social distancing, remote education, and work-from-home setups have forced the use of digital tools, blurring the distinction between in-person and virtual communication and relationships. What can you do to create a personalized, hybrid communication approach?
  • Automate and personalize your communication with clients.
  • Offer virtual learning opportunities to enhance financial literacy.
  • Provide clients with on-demand, real-time access to their financial data through a digital portal.
  • Use digital touchpoints to enhance client relationships, from email gift cards to virtual meetings.
The Fusion of Health and Wealth
Moving forward, the answer to the question, “Will I be okay?,” will have to encompass physical, emotional, and financial wellness. What can you do to examine your clients’ situations through a total wellness lens?
  • Use financial planning to provide solutions for various outcomes and scenarios.
  • Put a greater emphasis on healthcare, eldercare, and estate planning.
  • Recognize the power of partnerships in helping to deliver across capabilities.
  • Enable a comprehensive view of wellness via a dashboard.
Families and Communities Lead the Way That Life Gets Redefined
Demonstrate empathy and understanding of the new normal. Help answer your clients’ question, “What should I do?”
  • Recognize the priority #1 is family.
  • Spend part of each conversation focused on personal updates, specifically asking about the well-being of family members.
  • Include clients’ children and elders in the planning process to focus on the total family and needs.
  • Incorporate clients’ liquidity and insurance needs in their planning.
Creating a New Playbook for a Sustainable Business
The office of the future will look different and focus more on the customer experience. What can you do to build a sustainable practice?
  • Rethink office roles and ensure they add the most value for what clients need today.
  • Scale and provide more advice by implementing digital tools and outsourcing models.
  • Rely on strategic relationships to provide advice in more areas.
  • Provide team-wide access with minimal disruption via cloud-based tools.
Download the Playbook
The Advisor’s Playbook For Leading Your Clients Forward
How the industry will change post-COVID-19, and actions you can take to position yourself as an essential advisor and trusted partner in helping clients achieve financial wellness.
Download the playbook
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Leading Clients Forward In Uncertain Times
In this webinar we'll cover how our industry will change following the pandemic, and suggest actions you can take to position yourself with clients as an essential advisor and trusted partner. You will hear from leaders across various parts of our organization as they provide insight on several topics.
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