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Envestat Report: Investment Cost, Not Advisor Fees, the Focus of Compression

While much has been assumed about fee compression in the investment advisory space, there has been little data available to help financial advisors and wealth management firms truly understand the marketplace. Guessing blindly about pricing trends has often led advisors to be concerned they are charging fees that are too high whereas firms may assume their financial advisors are charging submarket fees.

Envestat Report: Should You Do It Yourself?

There are many reasons financial advisors consider outsourcing asset management to professional money managers—from the opportunity cost of time that could go into meeting with clients and prospects to the desire to avoid being measured primarily as a portfolio manager. One important factor to consider in making this decision to outsource portfolio management is the difference in client outcomes in each scenario. Volatility is a key part of this experience: like turbulence on an airplane flight, the bumpier it is, the more jittery passengers become.

White Paper: The Fiduciary Opportunity

In this paper we will explore these industry dynamics and how successful advisors of the future will evolve their value proposition from making investment product recommendations to meeting the digital expectations of the consumer while also engaging clients in a more comprehensive conversation about the important goals and aspirations they have for their wealth— delivering a lifecycle of advice. This unique industry inflexion point is what we see as the Fiduciary Opportunity.