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Envestat Report: A December to Remember

This past December felt like the Grinch was staging a coup to steal our holiday cheer, obliterate year-to-date returns, and create angst among investors. Then lo and behold Santa finally arrived in January. Better late than never. The markets rebounded, and investors breathed a sigh of relief. We experienced the most hair-raising part of a roller-coaster ride in those two months. This was a major wake-up call that volatility is back, and we better be prepared for more exciting rides in the future.

Envestnet Analytics: Vision IQ

As a financial advisor, wealth manager, or other financial executive, getting answers to top questions like, “What are my net flows?”, and “Who are the top selling advisors?”, and “How do my sales compare to my peers?” can provide a significant competitive edge. Yet extracting these answers from data can be complicated, costly, and time consuming.

With Envestnet Envision IQ™ you can easily get the answers to these business questions and many more.

Digital Advice Program Brochure

With the digital advice program, we help advisors and institutions enhance a client’s investing journey, personalizing the approach to advice according to the needs of the client. Our innovative digital storefront is built from a reputable wealth advisory platform that adheres to the highest fiduciary standard of care and complements the way advisors and institutions choose to engage with their clients.