PMC Overview and Selection Criteria for Impact Integrated Managers

On the Envestnet platform, the socially responsible investing (SRI) superscript identifies Impact integrated managers. These investment managers integrate one or more of the following lenses into their investment process: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors, Controversial Business Practices, Sustainability Issues, and Impact and Community Investing.

Liquid Endowment Portfolios

Investing for the long haul requires a diversified portfolio that can successfully navigate the ups and downs of full market cycles. With the aim to build a more durable portfolio, the PMC Liquid Endowment Portfolios reach beyond asset classes to encompass a mix of investment approaches: strategic, tactical and alternative. The result is a better diversified portfolio and an approach that can respond and adapt to varied market conditions.

Sigma Mutual Fund Solution

SIGMA Portfolios provide a disciplined and diversified approach to investing for the long-term. Choose from among 7 levels of risk to design an appropriate balance of risk vs. potential return. PMC seeks top managers among all asset classes and fashions a strategic mix—with institutional access and pricing for cost-effective portfolio management. Portfolios are regularly monitored and rebalanced, delivering professional management that’s matched to your risk tolerance.

Let's Talk About Fees: Why transparency can help build trust with clients

This presentation discusses the approach to talking about fees with clients, who may have misconceptions about those fees. As an RIA or IAR, you are a financial fiduciary and must adhere to the highest ethical standards in the financial services industry. You must explain the service you provide and what services your client receives for your quarterly fee, including the bundled and continuous investment advice and service. As a result, you are paid by your clients to achieve their goals, not by third parties (broker‐dealers, mutual fund companies) who may have other objectives.

Building Strong Client Relationships

When meeting with a client to work through the Wealth Advisory Process, you are selling intangibles—trust, confidence, knowledge and experience. These are the qualities that help your client bond with you, stay with you during times of market uncertainty and build your business. This paper will offer you insights on how to position your services around intangibles that can address client needs.