Aite Report: Technology Integration Turbocharges Advisor Productivity: Making Time for Clients

Today’s market and regulatory environment is putting pressure on many financial advisors. To maintain productivity and revenue levels, many advisors need to increase their books of business. However, regulatory pressures are also requiring they spend more time with each client. More than ever, advisors are relying on technology to help meet these growing demands. Read the report.

January 2019: December Reminded Us There Is No Free Lunch

Greater Risk Led to Bigger Losses

We’ve been on quite the roller coaster ride in the last quarter of 2018. Market volatility has returned. Perhaps that is a sign of a more normal market environment, but that’s not the point of this Envestat. Market volatility often drives investors into emotional and perhaps irrational behaviors. So it matters how a portfolio is constructed and managed.

September 2018: Can Advisors Really ‘Do It All?’

The desire to structure and manage client portfolios is oftentimes part of the advisor's value proposition. Selecting investments and being responsible for those decisions can be a worthwhile endeavor. But how effective is it in the long run?

Given that a major portion of industry managed account assets are in advisor-managed programs (APM)—some $1.5 trillion—we thought it would be useful to look at the performance of these  portfolios, not only year to date as of 7/31/18, but over one-year and three-year periods, as well.

August 2018: Turbocharging Managed Account Flows

With the first half of 2018 now behind us, it’s a great time to trace how managed account programs have fared thus far this year in terms of sales, redemptions, and net flows.

So we ran the data to learn:

• What was the increase/decrease in sales and flows in the first half of 2018 as compared to the same period in 2017?

• How did the product distribution of sales and flows compare to 2017?

• Did redemptions have a meaningful impact on net flows?

July 2018: Is Caution the New Watchword for Advisors? (Quarterly Asset Management Series)

The investment community is rife with questions about the market effect of rising interest rates and January’s return of market volatility. So we thought that analyzing inflows on the Envestnet platform could provide some perspective on whether the market is reflecting less risk and, secondly, which asset classes are experiencing the most movement. We found that the composition of inflows has indeed begun to shift, consistent with a more cautious mindset. 

June 2018: Impact Investing Is Taking Off

The investment world is abuzz these days with impact investing—including Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)—which enables investors to sync their portfolios with their values and principles. Millennials and women in particular are expressing demand for this capability, but advisors have been slow on the uptake. But, does this hold true with advisors who use Envestnet's platform? 

Holistic Wealth Planning Solutions

The Envestnet Platform, coupled with Envestnet | Yodlee capabilities provides advisors and their clients full access and complete control of finances from one easy-to-navigate dashboard available across all digital channels (desktop, tablet, and mobile). Not only can advisors ensure they are managing the accounts with which they have discretion, but they can offer a 360-degree view to clients as well. By leveraging the tools to deepen collaboration with clients, advisors can develop appropriate investment strategies, build lasting relationships, and bring more assets under management.

Envestnet Client Portal

Clients today are actively engaged. They want to know more about their investing options and better understand their personal finances. They want control, transparency, and access. The Envestnet Client Portal offers a complementary set of configurable digital tools and services designed to make it easy for you to meet the unique needs of each client and connect with them during different stages of their financial life.