Data and Insights
The Foundation of an Intelligent Financial Life.
Uncover your clients' hidden opportunities with Insights Engine powered by the Envestnet Wealth Data Platform.
Understanding your clients’ unique situations and their financial pain points is key to providing the best possible advice. But it takes time to dig through the data. Our Insights Engine does the research for you, so you know exactly where and how you can add the greatest value. Insights Engine will help you:
  • Surface hidden client needs, risks, and pain points
  • Get personalized insights and actionable next steps
  • Tailor your advice for every situation
  • Save time, increase client loyalty, and drive business
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Insights Engine in Action
Maximize the impact of your advice—use Insights Engine to:
Surface client inflows such as new accounts, and income streams that can be put to work to meet clients' goals
Uncover gaps in life insurance coverage and ways to close them
Identify non-managed accounts with high risk asset classes for managed account conversion
Find unrealized losses for use in tax planning and strategy
Identify Environment, Social, & Governance overlays and products for socially conscious investors
Discover high interest real estate loans that could be refinanced
Learn how one brokerage used Insights Engine to increase their revenue while improving their customer satisfaction.
Start with Quality Data. Uncover Insights. Drive Results.
Insights Engine analyzes data available throughout the Envestnet Wealth Data Platform to uncover hidden opportunities and offer actionable insights.
Discover the value of Envestnet Data and Analytics:
For Firms
Enable intelligent decision making for your organization without having to build new systems or grow data science capabilities.
For Advisors
Analyze your clients’ financial data to uncover hidden opportunities and get actionable insights.
For Consumers
Customized and integrated advice, enabling clients to live an intelligent financial life.
Envestnet Wealth Data Platform
Our data encompasses:
Data sources
Linked consumer accounts
We provide services for:
Investor accounts
Linked consumer accounts
Domain Knowledge
We provide services for:
of the largest banks
FinTech Companies
of the largest RIAs
of the largest wealth management brokerage firms
As of December 31, 2023. Includes accounts/assets under management, administration, and subscription arrangements.
At Envestnet we offer a Financial Wellness Ecosystem to help your clients live an Intelligent Financial Life. Through our data intelligence tools, you have everything you need to deliver innovative digital offerings and actionable recommendations.
Put the Envestnet Wealth Data Platform to work for you
Explore our recent white paper and webinar to see how Envestnet Data and Analytics delivers the ultimate advantage for advisors.
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The Power of Data and AnalyticsWhat Every Wealth Management Firm Needs to Know
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Insights Engine lets you focus on your clients’ financial pain points
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