Data and Analytics

Innovation and Insights for Better Client Outcomes
Envestnet Data and Analytics is the foundation that creates and deploys intelligence into the advice ecosystem. We enable our Enterprise and Advisor partners to help connect their client’s daily finances to their long-term financial aspirations, creating better outcomes that drive financial wellness.

Comprehensive, Secure, and Accurate Data

Envestnet Data and Analytics provides the best and most comprehensive financial data, allowing our Enterprises, Advisors, and Asset Managers to effectively serve their clients. Envestnet offers an ecosystem of over 20,000 data sources and 1,000+ wealth and custodial feeds, providing strong data acquisition capabilities, as well as extensive data cleaning, enrichment and reconciliation expertise, and advanced data intelligence. 

Superior Domain and Data Science Expertise

Institutional, custodial and aggregated held and held-away data is reconciled and ready to go to work in financial planning, portfolio management, as well as reporting, trading and client portal applications. Our Enterprise and Advisor partners are able to evaluate and address the full scope of an investor’s portfolio giving investors the benefit of unprecedented financial transparency and fully optimized, truly customized advice. We know how to make the data useful to our Enterprises and Advisor partners. 

Platform to Make It Easy to Act on Analytical Insights

Data comes together to empower our partners to answer key business questions, make better data-driven decisions, manage risk, and ultimately drive more productivity. Envestnet Intelligence answers our partners’ business questions with insight anywhere, anytime, on any device. The output can be customized and can use any data a firm has. Analytics empowers decision makers with clear insight. 

  • Envestnet Cloud Services
  • Transaction Data Enrichment Aggregation
  • Enterprise Analytics |Out of the Box Dashboards
    • Core Analytics
    • Fee Analytics
    • Performance Analytics
  • Enterprise Analytics | Custom Dashboards
  • Advisor Analytics purchased and controlled by Home Offices
  • No Advisor Views or access for "out-of-the-box"
  • RIA Pulse Report
  • RIA Analytics
  • Advisor Analytics & Branch Manager Access and book specific Dashboards
  • Actionable Digital Financial Guidance: Investors are able to better save, plan, spend and borrow using automate financial guidance tools
  • Coaching: Contextual recommendations and actionable next steps help clients reach their financial goals and improve financial wellness.
  • Manager Analytics
  • Basic Analytics
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Flow Forensics
  • Advisor Engagement