Jud Bergman (1957-2019)

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In Memoriam

Jud Bergman (1957-2019)

Beloved Founder & Visionary
Act Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly.

In Loving Memory
Judson Bergman

Jud Bergman was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Envestnet, Inc. He was a remarkable leader whose vision, brilliance and drive built the roadmap for our company’s success.

Jud founded Envestnet in 1999 on the premise that technology would change the financial advisor industry.  However, he always understood there is an important role for the human advisor—as it is the combination of technology and the advisor that provide the best results for investors. As the industry evolved, Jud’s vision grew, and one of his most farsighted decisions was the acquisition of Yodlee in 2015. Jud was ahead of his time in understanding the value of data and the importance of data aggregation and intelligence which would enhance financial wellness, helping consumers achieve better financial outcomes and improve lives.
Jud’s spirit will forever be the foundation of Envestnet.