September 2018: Can Advisors Really ‘Do It All?’

The desire to structure and manage client portfolios is oftentimes part of the advisor's value proposition. Selecting investments and being responsible for those decisions can be a worthwhile endeavor. But how effective is it in the long run?

Given that a major portion of industry managed account assets are in advisor-managed programs (APM)—some $1.5 trillion—we thought it would be useful to look at the performance of these  portfolios, not only year to date as of 7/31/18, but over one-year and three-year periods, as well.

We dug into the data held on the ENV Analytics platform to answer a few fundamental questions:

  • What percentage of advisors are outperforming their benchmarks and delivering alpha?
  • What percentage of advisors are generating negative returns for their clients?
  • What differentiates top-performing vs. bottom-tier advisors?