The Importance of Transparency

Kevin Burns
Founding Partner
LLBH Private Wealth Management

Working with Envestnet since

“Transparency is everything now. People like to see, touch, feel… and with Envestnet, they can. Everything’s there, including their outside assets.”

Kevin Burns of LLBH Private Wealth Management uses Envestnet’s flexible reporting system to give his clients a complete, clear view of their portfolios—so they know exactly how all their investments are allocated, how they are doing and the fees in which they are paying. Even novice investors can see their portfolio’s total value in a second. Others want a deeper perspective, and with Envestnet they get it—all the data they’re looking for, exactly the way they want it.

“When I started this firm in 2008, we used a different reporting system,” Burns says.  “I spent hours trying to get the system to customize reports but I could never really get them to look exactly how I wanted them to for my clients.   With Envestnet, I can tailor performance reports just the way I want, easily—including showing held-away assets.  And after 30 years in the business, I can honestly say that this is the best reporting system I’ve even seen, by far.”