Daily Data Reconciliation

Marty James
Managing Member
Marty James CPA

Working with Envestnet since

“Every morning, I review all of our portfolios—over 800 of them—and in 15 minutes, I’m done. I love how Envestnet continuously makes improvements to the platform to ensure that I have deep and expansive client information at my fingertips.”

Because he uses Envestnet’s daily reconciled data, Marty James knows exactly what is going on in his clients’ portfolios every day. In today’s volatile investment climate, his clients appreciate and find comfort in that.

Marty is always interested in pioneering anything new on the platform—like when Envestnet introduced one of the first UMAs in the industry. He was one of the first advisors to utilize Envestnet’s time-segmented distribution retirement program when it was unveiled in 2009.  Like many, Marty has clients who are concerned about their retirement and Envestnet was able to deliver the right solution at the right time.   “If there’s something I want, before I even bring it up, they’re already working on it.”  With new releases multiply times a year, Envestnet continues to outpace the industry.