Envestnet BillFin provides cutting-edge, cloud-based advisory billing software tailored for advisors and planners in the industry.

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Advisory fees

Calculate flat, tiered, and banded AUM fees. Bill in advance or in arrears, based on the end of the period with or without flows, or average daily balance. Easily set up asset exclusions by household, account, asset class, and/or individual security. Advisors and finance professionals can have secure access and controls. Let BillFin help you unlock your potential for negotiating competitive and unique advisory agreements.

Payment files

Create simple CSV/Excel files of your fees to upload to your custodian system and collect your fees quickly. BillFin customizes the file formats for all integrations partners, including many of the custodians in the industry, including Schwab, Fidelity, and RBC.

“Prior to signing with BillFin, I was spending three hours (to three days) on my billing process via Excel. I found that I was taking time away from my clients to process their billing, and I didn’t want that. I researched, found BillFin, and signed up immediately. My billing process, from start to finish, now only takes me 30 minutes!”

-Tim Brockman, Brockman Capital Management, LLC

Customizable invoices

BillFin is an integrated invoicing solution for producing one of your firm’s most critical client-facing documents. Clear and accurate invoices can help drive revenue and cash collection efficiencies, as well as drive customer service and satisfaction. With BillFin, you can generate professional-looking invoices and fee statements. Through the eDocs add-on, quickly and securely email your clients’ invoices to satisfy state requirements or continue your preferred practices.

Self-service onboarding

Onboard your households, accounts, fee billing rules, and fee schedules quickly with BillFin’s onboarding utility. Help reduce costs with an alternative to expensive, traditional software implementation projects.


Key Features


Flexible billing setup

Customize billing frequency (quarterly/monthly), set default rules for firm and households, choose billing preferences (advance/arrears), apply firm-wide or per household, and define default asset exclusions with optional account-level overrides.


Flexible billing templates

Streamline operations and enhance functionality using billing templates. Define and manage complex fee arrangements effortlessly, automating billing for intricate client relationships.


Intuitive user experience

Enhance fee billing with a modern, interactive user experience. Build sophisticated rules and schedules easily, designed for productivity and user satisfaction.


Reminders and alerts

Bring your fee billing, invoicing, and payment processing to life. User-defined reminders and intelligent system alerts give advisors better and more efficient ways to manage your billing process. Flag accounts that need attention so you can focus on growing your business.

Prorated billing and terminations

Prorated billing and terminations

Automate billing for new accounts, intra-period deposits, and withdrawals. Utilize stored special dates for prorated fee calculations, adjustments, and terminations.

Reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics

Gain deep insights into your billing set-up and fees with our embedded reporting and analytics and the most important aspects of your client billing arrangements. Export rich data for custom, integrated business reporting.

Fee splitting via Payouts

Fee splitting via Payouts

Effortlessly manage advisor fee splits with our payouts module. Set firm, client, and account-level rules for accurate and timely payouts. Automatically generate detailed Excel reports post-setup. Payouts is available as an add-on to your BillFin license or available as a standalone solution for advisors who only need fee splitting capabilities.

See how BillFin can transform your practice!

Experience a feature-rich ecosystem of first- and third-party technology

With Envestnet’s robust network of integration partners, you can easily create a holistic technology stack that simplifies your day-to-day and helps maximize your value.

Client support the way it should be

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