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Keep Your Friends Close and Your Robo-Advisor Closer: It may have taken years for automation to disrupt the financial services industry, but a recent rapid growth in robo-advisors likely means that significant changes lie ahead in the asset and wealth management landscape. Are human advisors facing a threat, or is it an opportunity?
Will 2015 finally be the year for international stocks? Year-to-date performance suggests yes, as do proclamations by renowned market experts. But the case is far from clear or settled.
Stop the debate: active and passive investing are best when they work together. Despite underwhelming performance in recent years, keeping active managers in the mix is key to minimizing volatility and achieving alpha in investor portfolios.
In 2014, interest rates remained low, U.S. equities stayed strong, mid-year geopolitical events barely shook the markets, and a sudden, late-year drop in oil prices took many by surprise. What should investors expect in 2015?
With the 2014 midterm elections behind us and political gridlock ahead, Zachary Karabell considers historical market trends and likely areas of government action to determine what the next two years might hold for investors.
Zachary Karabell delves into the universe of socially responsible investing to find out if factoring impact criteria into client portfolios affects performance.
Zachary Karabell looks at interest rate movements over the last 30 years and finds that the trend globally has been lower and lower rates. What does that mean now that we are near the end of the Fed's quantitative easing?
Markets have been gyrating for the past months in the face of a wave of geopolitical crises. But the chance of any of these crises dramatically altering the behavior of markets beyond the short-term is very, very slight.
Depending on what metric you use to assess the stock market, equities could be cheap, expensive, or anywhere in between. Try not to be swayed by simplistic arguments based on selective analysis of historical valuations, patterns, or averages. Advisors and investors should...
An inside look at Envestnet's annual conference for clients and prospects that includes executive and client interviews.
Zachary Karabell talks about risk in the current markets: are we making correct assumptions about risk, is there a bubble on the horizon, or is there actually opportunity in the mispricing of risk in certain asset classes such as high-yield bonds and emerging market debt?