PlanHorizon is a fully integrated time-segmented distribution strategy developed to bridge the gap from wealth accumulation to retirement income distribution. The strategy is comprised of multiple investment accounts, aggregated to work in concert together, across multiple life segments.

With a time-segmented distribution strategy, an investor's retirement assets are divided into segments and tagged to provide income over a specific period of time in retirement.  You can customize the number of segments, time horizons, and products used within each segment and run daily target growth reports to monitor the progress for each period.

PlanHorizon's comprehensive set of tools balances current income needs with the potential performance results needed to sustain wealth through volatile markets and inflationary periods, and allows you to make adjustments for changing circumstances throughout retirement.

Advanced proposal capabilities include enhanced control of strategy details such as start time of retirement income distribution and inflation adjustment for distributions.  You can specify details for each income source, and adjust inflation assumptions within acceptable risk ranges.

Also, the platform offers a framework for measuring and monitoring each account to ensure that it remains on target to meet your clients' investment objectives.