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Envestnet's Unified Managed Account
Platform Solutions
Format: pdf
Publication Date: 03/17

A UMA offers a diversified, tax-aware, multi-asset portfolio in a single account whose contents are designed to meet your clients’ specific investment needs. What makes the Envestnet UMA special is access to institutional quality managers at greatly reduced minimums, with streamlined paperwork and reasonable costs.

PMC Quantitative Portfolios
Investment Solutions
Format: pdf
Publication Date: 04/17

Investors have unique needs, especially with regard to tax considerations. With PMC’s Quantitative Portfolios, advisors can deliver a flexible, cost-effective solution that is geared towards helping make tax-smart investing easier.

Wealth Management Solutions
End-Client Materials
Format: pdf
Publication Date: 09/17

Life has significant moments. Making sure you’re prepared for them is important. But what can you do when the pace of your life leaves you little time to focus on investing for the future? With the complexities of your investment objectives and today’s market uncertainty, what you need is an experienced financial advisor, to guide you through important investment decisions that can help you achieve your long-term financial goals.