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Endowments and Foundations: Adapting to a New Paradigm
White Papers
Format: pdf
Publication Date: 11/13

While there are multiple segments of the $3.5 trillion endowment and foundation market, this paper is directed to foundation and endowment organizations that provide investment advisory services. These organizations are typically exempt from registration under the Investment Adviser Act of 1940.

Fiduciary, Operations, and Governance Assessment
Format: pdf
Publication Date: 03/14

The F.O.G. assessment is designed to examine an organization’s current processes as they relate to fiduciary responsibility, operational best practices and governance oversight. This assessment should provide you with some welcome insights into your organization’s structure, costs, needs and gaps. Once you have completed the questionnaire, your advisor will provide you with an analysis process and will be able to offer comments and suggestions to improve your performance as a fiduciary.

New Paradigm for Family Offices: Turning Data into Intelligence
White Papers
Format: pdf
Publication Date: 01/14

This is the second in a series of white papers discussing how the aggregation and integration of investment performance data can create a new paradigm of insight, holistic investment advice for nonregistered investment advisors.