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Latest Investment Insight - 08/28/15

Ground Hog Mon-Day: Has the U.S. economy seen its shadow?

Following a tumultuous week in the markets, many investors are asking themselves whether the sharp drawdowns experienced earlier in the week mark the beginning of a recession, or merely represent a great buying opportunity. As I sit here watching the indices move up and down nearly in tandem, Warren Buffet’s sage words...

Latest Investment Insight - 08/05/15

In a “meh” market, look again at U.S. stocks
The first half of 2015 was remarkably uneventful for many markets, particularly U.S. stocks. This very meh-ness of the current U.S. equity market is one reason amongst several why investors might want to focus on U.S. stocks for the remainder of the year.

Latest Investment Insight - 07/14/15

First issue of Envestat Intersection -- offering leading insights through the intersection of our data and human capital. This is part of Envestnet's deep commitment to empower advisors with better information to grow their business and better serve their clients.

In this edition, we analyzed the top decile advisors versus the overall advisor peer universe on their ability to outperform in five key growth areas.


Is this the Big One? What to do in a financial crisis
Events in Greece, China’s massive market sell-off, and the temporary shutdown of the NYSE remind us that change and crisis shift the narrative of what today holds and the future portends. Investors may at first want to run for the exit, but the wiser choice may be to stand calmly and let the storm pass.


The End of Short-Termism is Long Overdue
For the past forty years, Wall Street and corporate boards increasingly have focused on short-term profits. Quarterly earnings determine the fate of a company’s share price, and demonstrating a robust trajectory of short-term earnings growth is rewarded above all else. Signs suggest that this trajectory is shifting, and if it does, that will bolster a long-term approach to investing and managing money.


When following the herd is risky, where is the safety?
Risk and safety. Safety and risk. In investing, as in life, balancing both is an ongoing challenge. We know intuitively that all of either one or the other rarely yields the results we want, but finding the right mix is easier said than done.


Keep Your Friends Close and Your Robo-Advisor Closer
It may have taken years for automation to disrupt the financial services industry, but a recent rapid growth in robo-advisors likely means that significant changes lie ahead in the asset and wealth management landscape. Are human advisors facing a threat, or is it an opportunity?


The Return of the Comeback: Is 2015 the Year for International Stocks?
For several years, many professional investors and advisers have been bullish about the prospects for investing outside the United States. Calls to overweight European stocks or global stocks have been typical each January for the past years, and this year is no different.


Active and Passive: the Yin and Yang of Investing
Active versus passive. No, it’s not a debate to stir the passions of the public, but in the world of investing and deciding how to gain exposure to sectors, it is a rivalry up there with the Hatfields versus the McCoys, the North versus the South, the Yankees and the Red Sox.